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Carteiras digitais | Digital wallets
Carteiras digitais | Digital wallets

Pix, digital wallets, and payment link: the Brazilian ecommerce trends

Published on 09/24/2020 - Updated on 06/23/2022

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic manifested in Brazil, digital payments have already shown steady growth in the country, becoming a trend for 2020. With the new scenario, where e-commerce sales advanced 40% just in the first weeks of the pandemic, and where consumers prioritize digital payments, the adoption of digital wallets and payment links has also accelerated.

Further, a new payment method should also revolutionize the way Brazilians shop both offline and online. Pix, an instant payment developed by the Central Bank of Brazil, will allow transactions to occur in 2.5 seconds and will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, including on weekends and holidays. The payment method will be made available to the population on November 16th, 2020.

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What changes in ecommerce with the entry of Pix

Much is being said about the payment experience with Pix in every-day life. But what will be like in ecommerce?

When making a purchase on the computer, the experience will be very similar to that of physical stores: when selecting Pix at checkout, a QR Code will be displayed on the screen. The user will be able to scan the QR Code with a smartphone and the details of the transaction will be displayed for confirmation.

On mobile, the sequence is even simpler: after selecting Pix, a code will be displayed. The user then copies the code, opens the internet banking ou digital wallet app to pay with Pix, and selects “Pix Copia e Cola” to paste the code and confirm the transaction.

As payment is confirmed almost instantly, this allows the merchant to release the service or product immediately, streamlining operations and offering an even better experience to the consumer.


Digital wallets in Brazilian e-commerce

According to the Sociedade Brasileira de Varejo e Consumo (SBVC), 70% of companies have made some change in their payment methods strategy within the last 12 months – and 36% of these companies use digital wallets.

Digital wallets have already shown a steady growth trend, with a forecast of a 47% increase in participation in ecommerce until 2022. This technology allows a frictionless checkout since the consumer does not need to enter card information to complete a purchase every time and can authenticate the transaction in a simple way – like, for instance,  with their fingerprint.

And these benefits result in a growth of digital wallets in ecommerce: with a more fluid payment experience, especially in the mobile environment, conversion rates increase.


Expanding online shopping channels with the payment link

Payment link usage has also grown with the pandemic, as it becomes an alternative for merchants who do not have an online store to sell online. This payment method consists of sending a link to the user through a digital channel – such as WhatsApp, for instance – that will take the customer to a payment page, without having to access the store’s website to complete the purchase.

But the benefits go beyond enabling remote sales: in ecommerce, offering a payment link is also an excellent strategy to increase sales. In addition to expanding the sales channels, it is possible to create exclusive offers for your most loyal consumers and to recover clients who have abandoned the cart, generating a second conversion opportunity.

At PagBrasil, your ecommerce stays up-to-date with all payment trends. In addition to our Payment Link solution, we also integrate with one of the main digital wallets in Brazil: Samsung Pay. Further, in November we will be prepared to offer PagBrasil Pix and guarantee the best shopping experience for your customer. Contact us to know about our solutions!


This content was updated on November 16, 2020

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