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Hassle-free payment

Our collection

Benefit from a full service that comprehends payment processing as well as money collection, no matter if you sell cross-border into Brazil or if you have a local e-commerce business. Our collection service is completely hassle-free. Besides providing easy integration via our API, iFrame, PagBrasil.JS or e-commerce platform extensions, we will also handle all technical and commercial aspects of payment processing, including contractual relationships with banks and acquirers, money collection, reconciliation and clearing.

When using our collection service, you have access to the following payment methods:

Credit cards
Boleto bancário
Boleto Flash®
Debit cards
PagBrasil Pix
Google Pay

How it Works

Your store maintains a contract with PagBrasil

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Processes all local payment methods of your choice

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You receive the resources from PagBrasil

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The benefits for your

In addition to giving you more time to focus on running your business without stressing over the complexities of your payment processing setup, our collection service can bring further benefits to your e-commerce business. Check some of them out.

Broadest set of payment methods

With only one integration, you get access to the broadest range of Brazilian payment methods. Reach a wider audience and improve your payment conversion rates by offering buyers the option to pay using domestic credit cards, including local labels Elo and Hipercard, boleto bancário, debit cards, online banking transfer, and our exclusive Boleto Flash® and PagBrasil Pix.

One-click purchase

Offer a better payment experience for your returning customer, thanks to our one-click purchase functionality. Our platform is able to tokenize credit card details so that they can be used for future payments, which makes it possible for a payment transaction to be completed in just one click.

Recurring payments

The subscription economy is booming and if you are providing subscription-based services, recurring payments are a must-have. The same technology that enables the one-click purchase functionality also allows you to receive recurring payments. Cardholders must simply authorize the recurring billing on the first charge, which allows you to use the tokenized credit card details to charge them regularly.

Payment reconciliation

Stay on top of the amounts deposited into your accounts and have access to complete transaction reports. Enjoy the payment reconciliation service at no additional cost, as it is provided by default for collection.

Fraud prevention

Prevent fraud attempts with PagShield, our antifraud solution designed to fight fraud in real time, taking into account the particularities of the Brazilian market.

Our technical hallmarks

As a fintech company, technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. Let’s explore the technical hallmarks of our gateway service.

One integration for all payment methods

Gain access to all our payment methods with only one integration. In addition, commercially driven optimizations of the payment setup can be easily implemented, with no need of a developer to change the integration.

Consistent integration

Using PagBrasil, online stores can focus on growing their business instead of dealing with technical and operational issues. While Brazilian credit card acquirers regularly introduce changes to their parameters, as well as the way of calling their API, PagBrasil’s integration requires only an initial setup. All alterations and updates to meet the changing technical requirements of banks and acquirers are done at PagBrasil’s end.

Business intelligence

Generate an extensive variety of reports and charts to analyze your business, including information on conversion rates, a key performance indicator that is often overlooked.

Concentrate all on one platform

Resolve all your technical and operational challenges with only one support team.

Direct checkout

Benefit from a direct checkout, also known as transparent checkout, via all integration options, including most of the plugins. This is key for improving payment conversion rates, as buyers do not leave your store to complete the payment, which greatly enhances their buying experience.

PCI DSS Level 1 compliance

Our platform is fully compliant with PCI DSS Level 1, certified by Matrix. Therefore, it meets the highest international standard of security for credit card payment processing. Depending on the type of integration you choose for the payment processing, your overall PCI scope can be significantly reduced or even eliminated