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A comprehensive set of
solutions created to boost your
within Brazil

Gain access to the most advanced portfolio of services for the Brazilian market and experience fast business growth.

Hassle-free payment processing

Regardless if you are an international merchant selling cross-border into Brazil or a local e-commerce business, you can benefit from a full service that comprehends payment processing as well as money collection with our hassle-free collection service. We will manage all technical and commercial aspects of payment processing, including contractual relationships with banks and acquirers, money collection, reconciliation, and clearing so that you can focus on running your business.

Collection service
Payment gateway for more bargaining power

Increase your bargaining power to negotiate the best fees with card acquirers. With our gateway service, you can process payments through different acquirers simultaneously using just one API. Our system is integrated Cielo, Rede and Stone, which gives you the possibility to switch from one acquirer to the other instantly. You can also set filters, such as card label and number of installments, that route each transaction to the optimal acquirer, which can significantly optimize your processing costs and conversion rates.

Gateway service
Hybrid payment processing

Take advantage of a fully flexible and cost-effective payment processing setup with our hybrid service. As the name suggest, this exclusive hybrid solution combines our gateway and collection services to enable you to offer the broadest set of payment methods while also optimizing conversions, settlements and processing costs.

Hybrid service
Payout solution
Payout solution for different business models

Pay suppliers and service providers that are using your platform with our payout solution. Find the best fit for your business model and make payments with complete control form end to end. Our payout solutions are ideal for marketplaces, shared economy platforms, crowdfunding, and other types of business models.

Fraud prevention
State-of-the-art fraud prevention

Reduce your fraud-induced losses with PagShield®. Our intelligent and state-of-the-art online fraud prevention tool is specifically designed taking into account the particularities of the Brazilian market. Based on unique technology with intelligent self-learning buying behavior analyses, PagShield® fights fraud in real-time at a low cost and contributes to reducing false positives.

PagShield® fraud prevention
Subscription management
PagStream® subscription management

Easily create and manage subscription plans with PagStream®, our flexible ready-to-go recurring payments solution. Offer your subscribers different plans and charge them weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Subscription management
Recurring card payments
Recurring and One-Click payments

Receive payments regularly with our recurring payment solution. You will be able to charge your customers’ credit cards automatically at monthly or yearly intervals. For this to happen, after your buyers’ first purchase – and with their express consent, credit card details will be saved and tokenized. The same technology that allows recurring charges can also be used to provide one-click payment at the checkout for returning customers.

Recurring card payments
Full payment processing reporting

Stay on top of your expenses and incomes with our payment reconciliation service. It provides full transaction-based reporting for payment processing. The reporting includes information per order number on payment, refund or chargeback transactions processed, and informs about the amounts deposited into your merchant’s accounts, as well as pending payouts.

Payment reconciliation