Integration of Online Payments for VTEX Stores

PagBrasil VTEX Extension

In January 2017, VTEX and PagBrasil announced a strategic partnership that allowed VTEX merchants to start taking advantage of our easy to integrate online payment services. With the VTEX extension developed by PagBrasil, the merchant can integrate in an extremely simple way: he/she just needs to enter the credentials that we provide into the configuration panel within the VTEX e-commerce platform.


The extension supports processing payments with credit cards and boleto bancário, including PagBrasil’s exclusive Boleto Flash®. This enhanced form of boleto bancário was developed by PagBrasil in response to two essential demands from shopkeepers: the need for quick payment confirmation and mobile adaptation through responsive design.


The plugin allows you to adjust parameters to customize various payments, such as:


  • the number of installments for credit card payments
  • the number of days until a boleto bancário expires
  • a soft descriptor – a message that identifies the merchant or product sold on a consumer’s credit card statement
  • an individual message shown on a boleto bancario


To activate PagBrasil’s online payment methods in VTEX stores, first open a merchant account and sign an agreement with PagBrasil. Then simply access the VTEX panel and choose PagBrasil from the list of available modules for payment services. The activation will be completed instantaneously after inserting in the panel the credentials provided by PagBrasil.


Services Available for the VTEX Extension of PagBrasil


By integrating PagBrasil’s VTEX extension, merchants will benefit from our transparent checkout optimizing the payment flow for their customers. We also offer a number of optional services that enhance the payment solution and help to recover customers who didn’t complete a purchase transaction, such as the e-mail reminder service for unpaid boletos.


In addition, VTEX storekeepers who wish to gain access to other payment methods that are unavailable in the extension can integrate these with our API.


Check below the services and payment methods available for VTEX stores:


Payment MethodsAvailability
Domestic credit cardcheck-2
Payment by installmentscheck-1
Recurring paymentscheck-1
Domestic debit card
Boleto bancáriocheck-1
Boleto Flash®check-1
Online banking transfer – BB
Online banking transfer – Bradesco
Online banking transfer – Itaú
Online banking transfer – Banrisul


Additional services Availability
Direct checkoutcheck-2
Processing and collection of paymentcheck-1
Re-attempt multi-acquirercheck-1
Purchase in one clickcheck-1
PagShield® fraud preventioncheck-1
Credit / debit card refundcheck-1
Boleto refundcheck-1
Boleto confirmation e-mailcheck-1
Boleto reminder e-mailcheck-1
SMS text message confirmationcheck-1
SMS text message remindercheck-1


For recurring payments, the PagBrasil extension for VTEX can be configured to store the payment details of the first charge and thus trigger the following charges via API.


About VTEX


VTEX is an online platform for e-commerce and omnichannel that is present in 16 countries in Latin America, the United States, Canada and Europe. Its cloud infrastructure offers shopkeepers flexibility to integrate multiple technologies into a single platform. Thanks to the ease that VTEX platform offers to online stores, it is currently used by many well-known companies in the e-commerce environment.