Our unique technology

With Boleto Flash®, we have built unique technology that provides payment confirmation for boletos in less than one hour on business days. This is a revolutionary innovation for Brazil’s second most important payment method, which is generally confirmed by banks and other payment providers with a delay of two to three days.

Your consumers can generate a Boleto Flash® on your checkout page in the same way as a traditional boleto bancário. A Boleto Flash® can easily be distinguished by the Boleto Flash® logo at the top of the payment slip. It also contains additional information about the prompt payment confirmation. Once customers pay their Boleto Flash®, by online banking, at an ATM, at the counter of an associated bank or at any of the more than 13,000 lottery agencies throughout the country, we confirm the payment in less than one hour to you. Consequently, the product or service purchased can be shipped or made available immediately following the same-day payment confirmation.

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Boleto Flash® for mobile

Boleto Flash® features an exclusive responsive technology that we developed. The mobile version, which is optimized for mobile phones and tablets, allows consumers to copy the boleto payment information with just one tap and pay it via a bank app. In addition, rotating the smartphone displays a barcode that can be scanned at any ATM with a barcode reader, with support for mobile phone screens.

How it Works

Your client chooses to pay with Boleto Flash®

The consumer selects the desired bank

With a single click, the consumer copies the bar code and pastes it into the banking app

Payment confirmed in less than one hour!

Advantages of
Boleto Flash®

Quick confirmation

Boleto Flash® provides the quickest payment confirmation in the market. When your buyer pays a boleto, payment will be confirmed to you in less than one hour on business days.

Payable anywhere

Boleto Flash® can be paid physically at any bank branch or authorized processors, such as over 13,000 lottery agencies, pharmacies and supermarkets. It can also be paid electronically in more than 48,000 ATMs across the country or via internet and mobile banking.


The responsive version for mobile phones and tablets provides seamless payment experience for consumers using their mobile devices.

100% secure

Boleto Flash® offers the maximum security for merchants and consumers.

Payable by anyone

It can be paid by anyone, even unbanked people. It is also the preferred payment method for enterprises and many consumers.


Traditionally, boletos are not compatible with this option, but Boleto Flash® offers automated same-day refunds.