Boleto Flash™ - Payment Confirmation Within 2 Hours

Boleto Flash™

Unique Technology by PagBrasil



With Boleto Flash, PagBrasil has built unique technology along with its partner banks that provides payment confirmation for boletos within a few hours on business days. This is a revolutionary innovation for Brazil’s second most important payment method. PagBrasil’s Boleto Express was already ahead of the market by confirming payments on the next business day, instead of the usual two to three days.


How does Boleto Flash Work?


The buyer generates a Boleto Flash on the merchant’s checkout page in the same way as a traditional boleto bancário or as a PagBrasil’s Boleto Express. A Boleto Flash can easily be distinguished by the Boleto Flash logo on top of the payment slip. It also comes with additional information about the prompt payment confirmation. Once the online buyer pays the Boleto Flash either by online banking, at an ATM, at the counter of an associated bank or at any of the 15.000 lottery shops throughout the country, PagBrasil confirms the payment within less than two hours to the merchant. Consequently, the product or service purchased can be shipped or made available instantly after the same day payment confirmation.


Boleto Flash for Mobile Phones and Tablets


Boleto Flash features an exclusive responsive technology developed by PagBrasil. The mobile version, which is optimized for mobile phones and tablets, allows the buyer to copy the boleto payment information with just one tap and pay it via bank app. In addition, rotating the smartphone displays a barcode that can be scanned at any ATM with a barcode reader supporting mobile phone screens.


How can Merchants Integrate Boleto Flash


Boleto Flash is available via PagBrasil’s standard API and supported shop extensions. Apart from one additional parameter, the integration is identical to the traditional boleto bancário. Merchants benefit from PagBrasil’s Boleto Flash technology, which works seamlessly in the background, without the need for additional integration development. However, PagBrasil recommends merchants to inform end customers about the benefits of Boleto Flash on the checkout page. Once a Boleto Flash has been paid, PagBrasil pushes the payment confirmation within less than two hours via its API to the merchant.


Advantages of Boleto Flash


  • Payment confirmation within less than 2 hours
  • Responsive version for mobile phones and tablets
  • No chargebacks
  • Can be paid by anybody, even unbanked people
  • 100% secure for the buyer
  • Preferred payment method for businesses and many consumers
  • Automated same day refunds
  • Seamless integration


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