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Unique benefits for PagBrasil’s
Shopify app

PagBrasil’s Shopify app provides the best customer experience for the Brazilian market, resulting in the highest increases of conversion rates of up to 30%. Work with exclusive features that reduce the customer’s steps at the checkout page, eliminating payment friction.

Our Shopify app comes with:

•  Direct checkout – no redirects
•  Local credit cards with installment payments
•  PagBrasil Pix – Brazil’s popular instant payment method
•  Google Pay – seamless payments for the user
•  Boleto Flash® – best-performing online boleto bancário
•  Débito Flash™ – hassle-free debit card payments
•  PagStream® – subscription management solution
•  Split payout for multiple business models
•  Discount per payment method
•  Address validation and autofill
•  Enhanced pixel tracking for Facebook ads
•  CPF/CNPJ validation mask

Offer Brazil’s main payment methods

PagBrasil’s Shopify app provides the easiest way to integrate with Brazil’s most popular local payment methods.

Offer the exclusive Boleto Flash®, the next generation of the traditional boleto bancário, providing payment confirmation in less than one hour or even instantly, while the traditional version takes 1 to 4 days to be confirmed.

Boost your sales with Pix, the preferred payment method among Brazilians. Rely on features like payment confirmation via webhook and fallback with multiple banks to ensure greater stability, preventing any missed sales with Pix.

Increase your sales by offering Google Pay on your online store. PagBrasil’s exclusive payment app solution for Shopify provides a smooth and simplified experience for the user, who doesn’t need to enter payment details as they are already linked to their Google account.

Accept payments with Débito Flash™ and offer hassle-free payments for the holders of over 160 million active debit cards in the country. With Débito Flash™, your customers can pay with debit cards in an easy and intuitive way with no redirects or complexities.

With PagBrasil’s Shopify app, your digital business also benefits from exclusive features, such as fraud prevention, split payout, and subscription management.

Sell more with our Shopify app

Shopify is a leading cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform, which allows merchants to design, set up and manage their stores across multiple sales channels, including web, mobile, social media, and marketplaces. The platform was designed for reliability and scale, making enterprise-level technology available to businesses of all sizes. Our Shopify app was first introduced in late 2015 to provide Shopify merchants instant access to all major Brazilian payment methods.

To integrate our payment methods at your store, you just need to open an account with us, and our technical team will provide you with access to the app, as well as instructions to finalize the integration.


Our app’s exclusive

PagBrasil’s Shopify app offers customers the best payment experience. Further, digital businesses also benefit from exclusive features, such as fraud prevention, split payout, and subscription management.

Discount per payment method

Offer percentage discount per payment method and encourage impulsive shopping while also reducing credit card processing fees.

Merchants running an online store with Shopify can set up discounts for Boleto Flash®, and Pix payments.

Recurring payments and subscription management

Receive recurring payments with PagStream®, PagBrasil’s subscription management solution.

PagStream® effortlessly manages billings, automates payments, and sends your subscribers’ personalized messages.

Google Pay - PagBrasil exclusivity for Shopify

Enable Google Pay in your checkout to boost your conversions, providing more payment options for consumers and enhancing the chances of conversion. The payment experience for consumers is seamless and optimized, as it is linked to their Google account.

Débito Flash™ – hassle-free debit card payments

Shopify merchants can accept payments with PagBrasil’s exclusive Débito Flash™ and offer the best payment experience with debit card.

Débito Flash™ uses the 3DS2 protocol, which avoids redirecting users to the issuing bank’s website for payment authentication and provides a secure and frictionless payment experience with online debit cards.

Domestic credit card with installment payments

Installment payments are popular in Brazil: credit card holders break the total amount of their purchase into up to twelve monthly payments. Learn more about installment payments.

With PagBrasil’s app, not only are you able to provide your customers in Brazil this convenience, but you may also determine if you want to charge interest over a certain number of installments, transferring the cost to the buyer.

conversion pixel

Our solution is one of the few in the market that improves the Facebook conversion pixel tracking for any of the available payment methods, including the boleto bancário.

This feature helps to reach a better-targeted audience for your ads based on your customer’s behavior at checkout, allowing you to enhance your campaign optimization even more.

CPF/CNPJ validation mask

PagBrasil’s exclusive Shopify app does not require entering twice the CPF/CNPJ number during a purchase on your website.

Our CPF/CNPJ validation mask reuses the number inserted at registration on the checkout page, significantly enhancing your customers shopping experience and increasing your conversion rates! This feature also verifies if the CPF or CNPJ number is valid.

Customize your app

Specify from which number of installments you wish to pass on the interest cost to the customer


Define the number of days until a boleto bancário expires


Add a soft descriptor on buyers’ credit card statements to identify your store or the product sold


Personalize the Boleto Flash® with your logo and an individualized message

Full set of services supported by our
Shopify app

Discover the comprehensive list of payment methods and additional services that are compatible with our Shopify app.

Payment Methods Availability
Local credit card
Local credit card with installments
Recurring payments
Local debit card - Débito Flash™
Google Pay
Boleto Flash®
PagBrasil Pix
Additional Services Availability
Direct/transparent checkout
Payment processing and collection
Multi acquirer reattempts
PagShield® fraud prevention
Credit card Pre-authorization
Charge interest on installment
Credit/debit card refund
Boleto refund
Boleto e-mail confirmation
Boleto e-mail payment reminder
Boleto SMS confirmation
Boleto SMS payment reminder
Facebook conversion pixel tracking
CPF/CNPJ validation mask
Address validation and autofill