The Broadest Set of Local Online Payment Methods

Brazilian Payment Methods

Our clients benefit from the broadest set of domestic payment methods and often immediately multiply their sales within Brazil.


Important for International Companies Entering Brazil


Brazil is a very particular market and it is important for international companies entering the country to understand that national payment methods account for 90% of all online purchases. Around 70% of credit cards issued in Brazil, including international labels, such as Visa and MasterCard, are limited to national purchases within Brazil and in the Brazilian currency, called ‘real’ (BRL ). In addition, alternative payment methods, such as boleto bancário, can represent more than 50% of all the transactions in some segments, such as B2B.


Local payment methods are not available for international merchants without a local partner. Consequently, a local payment service provider, in addition to a local commercial presence and marketing or logistics services, is key to succeeding in Brazil.


Choice of Payment Methods


A credit card is the preferred payment method for most Brazilian online consumers, particularly when given the option to pay with installments. Businesses, on the other hand, generally prefer Boleto Bancário, a broadly-used push payment method supported by all Brazilian banks and even ATMs, supermarkets and other points of sale. While the full set of domestic credit cards and boleto is a must, it is recommended to also offer debit cards and online banking transfers in order to maximize sales conversions.


PagBrasil’s Payment Methods for Brazil:



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