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Hybrid payment processing

Our hybrid model for payment processing

Enjoy a payment processing service that is fully flexible and cost-effective. Our exclusive hybrid model combines both our gateway and collection services, allowing you to easily offer the broadest set of payment methods with a fully PCI DSS compliant platform.

On top of that, the setup is also ideal to optimize conversions, settlements and processing costs.

How it Works

For cards, you maintain a contract with acquirers and receive resources directly from them


For alternative payment methods, you proceed with PagBrasil and we transfer the resources


A single integration with PagBrasil allows access to all payment methods and functionalities

The benefits for your

The hybrid payment processing model is a very efficient payment solution for online businesses. Its unique characteristics provide you with the best of both worlds: excellent technical processing and the chance to cut down on processing costs. Have a look at the main advantages of the hybrid solution:

processing fees

As our gateway allows you to switch from one acquirer to the other immediately with no change in the technical integration, you benefit from bargaining power to negotiate the best processing fees.

Multiple acquirer

You can use several acquirers in parallel or combine card processing via the gateway and collection service. This is useful, for instance, when the acquirer of choice does not support all domestic card labels.

Lowest cost

With only one API, you will gain access to three acquirers and one payment service provider. This will allow you to obtain the best fee for each payment method. For example, one acquirer may have excellent fees for one-off credit card payments, but you may prefer to process installment payments with another provider.

Broadest set of
payment methods

Get access to the widest range of domestic credit cards, from local to international labels. In addition, you can also offer your customers the option of paying with boleto bancário, which currently accounts for about 25% of all online transactions. Our exclusive Boleto Flash®, PagBrasil Pix as well as alternative payment methods, such as online banking transfer and debit cards, are also available in the package.


Payment reconciliation can be a nightmare, particularly when trying to understand the information provided by acquirers. With our gateway, you can hire this optional service to have exact control of the amounts deposited into your accounts, as well as access to complete transaction reports.


Our gateway does not actively filter transactions – which is known as chargeback insurance – because this can affect conversions negatively. However, you can still fight fraud with PagShield, our fraud prevention solution.

Our technical hallmarks

As a fintech company, technology and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. Let’s explore the technical hallmarks of our hybrid service.

One API for all payment methods

An integration with only one API will give you access to all our payment methods via our gateway and collection services. Commercially motivated optimizations of the payment setup can be easily implemented without changes to the integration.

Consistent integration

When using our platform, you can focus on growing your business instead of dealing with technical and operational issues. While Brazilian credit card acquirers regularly introduce changes to their parameters, as well as the way of calling their API, our integration only requires an initial setup. All alterations and updates to meet the changing technical requirements of banks and acquirers are done at our end.

Stable platform

Enjoy an uptime of 99.98%. Our redundant server platform, hosted at different geographic locations, is extremely reliable

PCI DSS compliance and security

Our platform is fully compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 – certified by Matrix. Therefore, it meets the highest international standard of security for credit card payment processing. By processing through PagBrasil’s secure platform, the overall PCI scope can be significantly reduced or even eliminated, helping you in avoiding significant complexities and costs of PCI DSS compliance.

Flexible integration

Enjoy our hybrid payment processing setup for integration via API, iFrame, PagBrasil.JS, and even if you use our extensions for e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Prestashop, and WooCommerce.

Business intelligence

Generate a broad variety of reports and charts to analyze your business. For example, check information on conversion rates, a key performance indicator that is often not provided by acquirers, who count only approved transactions.