subscription management

Let us handle your
subscription life cycle

Increase your sales and conversions with PagStream®, our flexible ready-to-go solution for subscription management. Offer your subscribers multiple plans and set customizable rules and billing cycles.

PagStream® supports any monetization strategy and is perfectly adaptable for business models that work with recurring payments. Whether you are a streaming platform, e-learning website, a subscription club, or something else, your business can benefit from our comprehensive payment solution. PagStream® is also PCI compliant, offering you and your customers the highest safety standards.

Maximize your revenue

With PagStream®, your business can maximize customer retention and sales. With a quick and easy integration, you can provide subscribers with flexible plans and enable them to pay with their favorite payment methods.

How it Works

Your client selects a subscription plan

Your client is periodically charged and receives payment reminders

Chooses and pays with the preferred payment method


Create personalized rules and set up billing frequencies, renovations, and more

Activate notifications with customizable templates

Manage subscriptions and set up retries using different payment methods


Our solution requires no coding, enabling you to easily create and manage subscriptions directly from the PagBrasil dashboard.


Offer plans that fit your subscriber’s budget and automatically bill them periodically.

All payment

Offer Brazil’s most popular payment methods, including PagBrasil’s exclusive Boleto Flash® and PEC Flash®.

Subscriber Portal

PagStream® is all about flexibility, transparency, and giving the customers control over their choices. Our subscription management tool launches a dedicated place, aka the Subscriber Portal, for users to manage some parts of their subscription. Learn more.

Gain efficiency with a
comprehensive set of features

With PagStream™, you can effortlessly manage billings, automate payments, and send your subscribers personalized messages.

  1. Create and manage subscriptions directly from the dashboard
  2. No coding needed
  3. Create as many subscription plans as needed
  4. Bill your customers weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannually or yearly
  5. Combine in the same order single purchases (one-time charge) and subscriptions (recurring)

With PagStream, you can effortlessly manage billings and automate payments, and send your subscribers personalized messages.

  1. Enable one or multiple items per subscription order
  2. Automated personalized payments, reminders, and cancellation notifications
  3. Enable retries using different payment methods
  4. Subscription may be canceled by the merchant or by the customers themselves

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