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International Pix is a pioneering instant payment solution with real-time currency exchange. This mobile point-of-sales innovation takes the cutting-edge technology of Pix from e-commerce to offline businesses outside of Brazil.

International Pix was developed with PagBrasil’s expertise in cross-border payments. Get in touch to offer Brazil’s most popular payment method and provide the best shopping experience for your Brazilian customers!

Our exclusive Pix solution for online businesses, now available for in-person payments

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Watch the demo and see how PagBrasil’s International Pix works on any mobile device, generating QR codes for Brazilian customers to scan with their banking app or e-wallet.

Benefits for merchants

Benefits for merchants

Works on any mobile device: International Pix is easily operated through any browser and requires no app installation.

Guaranteed exchange rate: the amount is displayed in dollars or euros and fixed at the time of payment, cutting off foreign exchange risks for the merchant and their customer.

Lower transactional costs: only a small, fixed fee is charged per transaction, without additional percentage charges.

Additional revenue: increase revenues by providing a payment method with no spending limit.

Customer satisfaction: attract and retain Brazilian customers by accepting Brazil’s most popular, fastest-growing payment method.

Benefits for the local economy

Benefits for the local economy

Increased tourist and foreign exchange inflow: Pix is a groundbreaking innovation that has the potential to attract a much larger influx of Brazilian travelers to your business and your area.

Shopping boost: Pix is the preferred payment method among Brazilians, easy to use and without spending limits. In 2022, it moved five times more money than credit card payments in Brazil, exceeding 10 trillion BRL (2 trillion USD) in transactional value.

Convenience for local purchases: with Pix available abroad, Brazilians are encouraged to shop for local goods instead of buying travel packages ahead of their trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is International Pix a partnership with the Central Bank of Brazil?
Pix is an instant payment platform created by the Central Bank of Brazil, which encourages the development of solutions connected to its system and able to expand its functionalities.

PagBrasil is a payment collection agent for Pix and conducts the currency exchange for International Pix as an eFX (Electronic Foreign Exchange), partnering with authorized exchange banks approved by the Central Bank of Brazil.

How is the exchange rate warranted at the time of payment?
When generating the QR code for payment with a banking app or e-wallet, PagBrasil undertakes a real-time currency exchange rate quotation. The rate is then locked in, ensuring that the merchant receives the transaction amount in their chosen currency (dollars or euros) and that the Brazilian customer pays the corresponding amount in Brazilian Reais, without exchange rate variations.

This way, the amount displayed in dollars or euros at the time of payment is the same that will be included in the remittance to the merchant, allowing for revenue forecast. Brazilian customers will also know in advance how much they are paying in Brazilian currency BRL, avoiding overspending and unpleasant surprises later.

What if the customer requests a refund?
If the purchase is canceled on the same day as the payment, the transaction is reversed without additional costs.

If the refund is requested after the payment date, the amount in dollars or euros is deducted from the merchant’s balance and converted to Brazilian Reais using the exchange rate from the time of the refund. Please note that due to variations in foreign exchange rates, the customer may receive a different amount from what was initially paid.

Where is International Pix available?
International Pix is a global solution with a phased development plan. The launch stage is focused on locations with a significant in flow of Brazilian tourists, such as Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, and Florida (USA).

About PagBrasil

PagBrasil is a leading fintech company for digital payments in Brazil, established in the payments and embedded finance business for over 10 years. We provide optimized solutions tailored to the Brazilian market for companies worldwide, such as PagBrasil Pix and the exclusive Boleto Flash®, Débito Flash™, and PagStream®, an exclusive solution for recurring payments and subscription management.

With International Pix, we are trailblazing the development of global Pix solutions such as the projects taken on by the Central Bank of Brazil and the BIS Innovation Hub, mostly known as Nexus. We aim to deliver convenience, transparency, and security to Brazilians and merchants abroad, making instant payments even more seamless and accessible.

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