Local payment methods are key to succeeding in Brazil

Online Payments in Brazil

When given the choice, Brazilians use national payment methods for about 90% of their online purchases. Credit cards issued by local banks are often limited to national purchases in Brazilian Real. Credit card payments with installments are an absolute must in Brazil. “Boleto Bancário” is the leading push payment method for businesses as well as consumers. Online debit card payments and online transfer payment methods are growing in share.



Debit cards are still a novelty for e-commerce in Brazil and have only recently been made available for online payments. Nevertheless, combining card present and online payments, debit card payments represent 35% of all card payments and 50% in terms of number of transactions, having recently been situated slightly above credit cards. By the end of 2013, 64% of all Brazilians over 18 years had a debit card, while 50% had a credit card, which underlines the importance of debit cards in Brazil.

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