Domestic payment with local or international settlement* and advanced services

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Gain access to the broadest set of local online payment methods and immediately multiply your sales within Brazil. We collect the funds in Brazil and transfer them to anywhere in the world* or in Brazilian Real to your Brazilian bank account.


Cross border transactions*


With PagBrasil international, merchants can sell cross border into Brazil and receive the funds in US Dollars or Euros in their country. We make sure the transaction complies with Brazilian tax, currency and international money transfer regulations as well as with the rules of the individual payment schemes. Our exchange rates are transparent and based on the official interbank rates provided by the Brazilian Central Bank. PagBrasil’s exchange and settlement processes are audited and certified by the Brazilian Central Bank and tax authorities.


Domestic transactions


Brazilian companies or the local entities of multinational companies can choose between our full processing and money collection service or our gateway service. The first option is a full payment processing package in which PagBrasil collects funds for all payment methods and transfers these to the merchant in aggregated amounts. For each transfer a detailed reconciliation report is provided. The merchant doesn’t need to have contractual relationships with payment processing banks and card acquirers. On the other hand, Merchants who use our gateway service must have their own direct contractual relationships with Brazilian card acquirers and banks. The funds are settled directly from acquirers or banks to the merchant. Reconciliation services can be provided as well. For both solutions, PagBrasil offers sophisticated fraud prevention solutions.


Our payment methods for Brazil:


Boleto Bancário
Domestic credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Amex, Hipercard, Elo, Aura and Cabal)
Credit card payments with installments
Recurring payments
Debit Cards
Online banking transfer
• National wire transfer
• Cash deposits


Our customers benefit from a tailored set of advanced services:


• Payment processing service including clearing of local taxes
• Remittance of funds in Brazilian Real to a Brazilian bank account
• International settlement in US Dollars or Euros to any country of the world
• Solutions for transparent integration, so that a customer never leaves your website
• Real-time payment confirmation
Real-time reports
Fraud prevention
• Strategic support and consultancy to help achieve the best possible sales results
• Easy and flexible integration
• One API for all payment methods
Market entry support


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