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Customer Support and Customer Success
Customer Support and Customer Success

The Importance of Customer Support and Customer Success for Business to Thrive

Published on 07/08/2022

Customer support and customer success teams aren’t just extra costs to a company’s budget. They could be what makes your business stand out in the red ocean of competitors. 

We know how it goes. You’ve purchased a physical or online product and it doesn’t work well. You try and find the company’s contact – whether it’s the online chat support, phone number, or even an email. But all you can find is a customer support help page and an FAQ. It feels like the company is trying to hide its customer support team from its clients. 

But as a consumer, how frustrating can that be? To me, it’s more than frustrating, it’s disappointing. An organization should be happy to attend to someone who has decided to purchase its products and reply to any inquiries they might have about those products. 


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Customer support vs. customer success

These two areas are often confused, but despite some similarities, they operate in different ways. In a nutshell, customer support is the connection between customers and the company, and the customer support team is responsible for troubleshooting any problem, or responding to a question a consumer may have regarding the company’s product. 

Customer success, on the other hand, as opposed to customer support, will proactively contact clients to help them with their business goals and anticipate their questions and challenges. 

Overall, these two are complementary services, and the organizations able to understand the connection between them and put these two teams to work together can create more impact for their clients and the business, as opposed to siloing the two as stand-alone functions.


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The importance of customer support and customer success

Competition is fierce in the digital-first era, and the companies willing to go an extra mile to attend and give special attention to their customers are likely to increase their chances of success. 

Offering a good customer support service is just as important as developing and selling good products and services. What many business owners and managers might consider an extra cost in their budget, is, in fact, vital for a business to thrive. 

Shopping – in all of its forms, whether it’s online, offline, a product, or a service – is half customer experience and half transaction. The truth is, if customers aren’t happy, they might leave and look for the next-door competitor. 

In Brazil, buyers are twice as likely to shop for a specific product with a merchant who offers the payment method of their choice. In other words, Brazilians won’t think twice about reaching out to the competition if they provide their preferred payment method.


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However, the same goes for customer experience. If customers aren’t assisted well, they might leave. So, when organizations question if providing extra resources and budget are worth it to set up a customer support team or customer success team, the answer is yes.


When reputation is a thing

Consumers care about a company’s reputation and purchasers’ reviews. Most of us, before making a purchase, resort to customer review types of websites such as Trustpilot, Choice, and Customer Affairs. 

According to a study conducted by Bright Local, in 2021, 89% of consumers are ‘highly’ or ‘fairly’ likely to use a business that responds to all of its online reviews, and just 3% said they would consider using a business with an average star rating of two or fewer stars.

PagBrasil knows the importance of customer support and customer success to help its customers to boost sales and add value to their businesses, and has dedicated teams. Our customer support has 95% for overall satisfaction, and our clients reported being satisfied with the relationship the customer success team has developed with them. 


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André Almeida, Xsolla’s account manager and Head of International Business Development at PagBrasil, reported their satisfaction and excitement with PagBrasil’s results, which goes beyond boosting Xsolla’s profit:


“They are delighted with the closer relationship we have developed with them. Here, at PagBrasil, we specialize in creating experiences that are uniquely tailored to the expectation of our partners.”


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Learn more about PagBrasil

PagBrasil is specialized in providing frictionless and unique payment experiences to B2B and B2C businesses.

Our payment solutions are innovative and designed for the Brazilian market. You can accept local credit cards and PagBrasil’s exclusive solutions, such as Boleto Flash®, PEC Flash, Débito Flash™, and PagBrasil Pix. If you wish to learn more about our payment solutions, get in touch with our team!

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