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Delay in Approving Transactions Disturbs 43% of Brazilian Consumers

Published on 04/29/2022 - Updated on 05/05/2023

Retaining customers is a continual effort that goes beyond providing a great UX. Buyers want to feel safe, so it’s the merchant’s responsibility to provide that security and avoid cart abandonment. 

The habit of shopping online has grown in Brazil and worldwide since the pandemic, and it’s here to stay. But consumers are apprehensive about website security and the possibility of being victims of fraud. 

E-commerce fraud is a thing, and it’s the merchant’s responsibility to work on its prevention. According to a study published by Signifyd, 60% of participants said they’re worried about fraud, and 49% reported being concerned about identity theft.

A negative online shopping experience may drive customers away, leading to cart or checkout abandonment if they feel there’s something off or phishing could occur. 

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In Brazil, 43% of buyers said that delay in approving their online transactions makes them uncomfortable. In addition, 29% don’t like waiting for payment approval, and they prefer to have their purchase approved right away. 

Nonetheless, participants revealed that the ideal shopping experience should have: instant payment confirmation (28%), the ability to shop in just a few clicks (22%), avoidance of cancelation (13%), a fast e-commerce website (18%), and lastly, a variety of payment alternatives to choose from (15%). 

Beyond UX

Customers are more discerning due to high demand and a large pool of companies offering similar products. This means that providing a good customer experience and traditional payment methods, more often than not, isn’t enough. 

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To retain buyers, make them appreciate the shopping experience, and come back for more products, merchants should go beyond the traditional processes. We’ve listed a few ways to do so.


Improve E-commerce Credibility

There are some ways in which you can make your customers trust you enough to input their personal information into your website: things like displaying security badges, adding privacy lines, displaying a contact page, and functional customer support.


Making Customers Feel Safe 

Implement anti-fraud protection in your online shop. PagShield® is an intelligent and state-of-the-art anti-fraud tool specifically designed for the particularities of the Brazilian market.

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Also, if your shop follows specific safety rules and compliance standards, let your customers know about it – display banners and boast about your accomplishments. 


Be Transparent

If your e-commerce shop gets attacked, come clean with your customers and explain to them what happened. The sooner you get ahead of the story and work to help customers, the sooner you can rebuild your damaged reputation.


Offer Alternative Payment Methods

In Brazil, customers want to buy with their preferred payment method: credit card installment, boleto bancário, or Pix. The more alternatives you provide your buyer with, the more likely you are to retain them. 


… But Efficient Methods Too

Offering a variety of payment methods is good only if they’re robust and work efficiently. PagBrasil’s methods, such as our subscription management, PagBrasil Pix, and Boleto Flash® are just a few examples of responsive, 100% secure, and quick alternatives to traditional payment methods in Brazil. Learn more about our exclusive methods and talk to our sales team.