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How to Create a Payment Link and Boost Your E-commerce Sales  

Published on 07/01/2022 - Updated on 04/20/2023

A payment link is one of the easiest ways for customers to pay for a merchant’s products or services. But some people still get confused about how the payment link works. Discover how to create a payment link and benefit from this solution right away!

What is a payment link? 

A payment link is a URL or QR code that redirects customers to a stand-alone web page. The payment link can easily be generated within just a few minutes. A customer who clicks on a link is sent to a checkout page where they can complete their purchase. 

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Merchants using the payment link can choose to set up a unique link for each product or service they’re selling. One payment link can facilitate a transaction for a single intended recipient, like an invoice would, for an unlimited number of customers.

Are payment links safe? 

Users can check if the e-commerce website they’re frequenting is SSL certified by looking at the URL and seeing if it uses the ‘http://’ or ‘https://’ protocol. The additional ‘s’ signifies a secure e-payment system. Another way is to look for the padlock icon at the beginning of the URL.

All payment links generated by us are secured by the highest level of PCI DSS compliance.

Are payment links popular in Brazil?

Yes. Brazilians lead the global ranking on average hours spent on mobiles per day, with an amount of 5.4 hours daily. The most used apps are social media channels, in-gaming, and instant message apps. 

Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and even e-commerce shops are adopting the payment link as a payment alternative and using popular tools such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, email, and phone to sell through multiple channels. 

Is it possible to pay in credit card installments using a payment link?

Yes, it is. Payment links provide all types of payment methods, including boleto bancário, Pix, and credit cards. 

How to create a payment link in 4 easy steps

You’ll need to be working with a payment service provider in order to generate a payment link. Here, at PagBrasil, it works like this:

  1. You generate a link via API or you can do it manually through our dashboard.
  2. Once the URL is generated, you can forward it to your client via email, text, chatting apps such as WhatsApp, and even social media platforms – you name it! 
  3. When they click on the link, they will be redirected to a secure payment page.
  4. On this page, they can choose their preferred payment method.

Discover the benefits of using a payment link

As we noted in the previous answer, merchants can benefit from multiple channels to sell their products and services, with no need to have a proper website – a small online presence such as WhatsApp or social media is already enough – as well as a broader set of alternative payment methods. In Brazil, the most popular ones are credit card (in installment payments), boleto bancário and Pix.  

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Merchants who don’t have a website also don’t need technical integration to generate a payment link. This allows you to start processing payments right from the get-go. 

Another benefit of using payment links is cart recovery. A payment link may encourage buyers who aren’t sure about a purchase – because it’s so simple to complete a transaction, they are more likely to complete the purchase. 

Ralf Germer, CEO at PagBrasil, explains how the payment link can be an excellent option for your business, including checkout recovery:

“When the user interacts with the brand on social media, the store can provide the payment link so that the customer can complete the purchase quickly and easily.”


Create a Payment Link with PagBrasil

Our solution supports a full set of services and features, such as our popular subscription management solution, PagStream®, which means that customers can pay for their subscriptions not only with a credit card but also with any of Brazil’s local payment methods, including Pix, Boleto Flash®, Débito Flash™, and PEC Flash®. PagBrasil’s payment link comes with the following:

  • The highest level of PCI DSS compliance
  • Mobile-responsive layout and optimized payment flow
  • Address validation and autofill, reducing buyers’ steps at checkout
  • Local credit cards with installment payments
  • PagBrasil Pix — Brazil’s popular instant payment method
  • Boleto Flash® — best-performing online boleto bancário
  • Débito Flash™ — hassle-free debit card payments
  • PEC Flash® — cash payments for digital transactions

Learn more about PagBrasil’s payment link solution, or reach out to us for further details.

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