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4 reasons your company should have a business profile on Instagram

Published on 03/26/2021 - Updated on 04/07/2021

Saying that Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world is no news! However, how to use this powerful platform to benefit your brand and take advantage of all that Instagram offers is a great question.

As soon as the social media platform had shown the first indications of user adoption, many companies and professionals began using Instagram to relate to their customers, promote their brands and increase sales.

However, some companies faced a few limitations when implementing a more assertive marketing strategy.

Instagram for Business was born to facilitate the implementation and measurements of more promising and professional marketing actions.

Interested in learning more about the advantages Instagram Business can offer your company? Continue reading and check out four reasons to have a business profile for Instagram.

1. Access more relevant metrics for your business

One of the main reasons to have a business profile on Instagram is the possibility to access different metrics and performance indicators. These are fundamental data resources to optimize social media strategies.


Your reach is measured by the number of unique users reached. This means that if a user has seen your post five times, Instagram will only count this as one user reached.

The higher your organic reach, the more interesting your posts and profile become to your followers.


Impressions inform the total number of times your profile or a publication (either on your feed, stories or IGTV) were shown to a user during a specific period of time.

This metric alone does not reveal much and must be analyzed alongside a number of additional indicators.

If the purpose is raising brand awareness – visibility and brand recognition, for instance – impressions can be analyzed along with the reach and whether the post was well-delivered to your audience.


These are exclusive metrics for videos and stories and reveal the number of times your content was viewed. Instagram considers each view when the video posted on the feed has been watched for at least three seconds.

For stories, this rule does not apply. If the user has seen the content for just one second, it has already been registered as a metric.


This is the most relevant metric, as it reveals Instagram’s conversion data. With this information, it is possible to learn how many users were effectively driven to your website through the platform.

This way, you can understand if your strategy is achieving the expected results, or if you need to reevaluate the steps prior to the conversion.

Main publications

With Instagram Business, you can also learn what the main publications are, based on the number of impressions on your posts.

This way, you can develop more efficient marketing strategies, based on the best-performing posts.


This metric is very important and is directly associated with the best hours to post in Instagram. It shows the hours of the day when your followers are most active on social media.

In addition, it also provides important information such as new followers, gender, age, location, etc.

2. Learn more about your audience

With Instagram Business, you can access more information about your audience. This data can help you build a buyer persona and a better segmentation in your social media advertisements.

By learning more about your audience’s characteristics, you will be able to optimize your strategy and invest in different formats and approaches that bring the best results, hence providing a new target for your campaigns, if necessary.

3. Adding interactive buttons

With Instagram Business, you can add interactive buttons to your profile.

Besides selecting the best contact channel to reach your business, such as phone number, email and message, it is also possible to set up buttons such as “purchase ticket,” “order,” “make a reservation,” and so on.

The interactive contact button appears next to the “follow” button on the profile. The action buttons, however, are strategically located next to the selected posts.

4. Promote your posts to reach more users

Relying only on organic posts to reach your audience is a frequent mistake among companies that are initiating their social media and even digital marketing actions.

Ideally, companies should work on strategies that help expand their brand’s reach. A business profile on Instagram can benefit marketing strategies by advertising regular organic posts inside the platform. By promoting your posts, you reach a higher number of users through diverse content formats: static feed, stories, carrousel, videos, etc. Additionally, you also benefit from full control over your spending. With paid media, you can segment your audience in many ways, such as through interest, behavior, characteristics, location, and more.

You can also track who visits your website, adds products to your cart, and gives up on a purchase. This way, you can optimize remarketing campaigns and impact the same users more than once, increasing your chances of converting the user into a customer.

But remember: content that looks like an advertisement can also cause users to drift away. Your content must be well-distributed among organic posts, offering a valuable experience to your audience.

Are you prepared to use Instagram in your marketing strategies?

This is a valuable opportunity to connect with your audience, promote brand awareness and acquire positive results for your company.

Before you begin, learn how to avoid mistakes with your strategy. Access for free the webinar 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Digital Planning (in Portuguese)!


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