Tendências em pagamentos no e-commerce | E-commerce payment trends Brazil
Tendências em pagamentos no e-commerce | E-commerce payment trends Brazil

Ecommerce payment trends in Brazil: industry experts discuss the subject

Some say that payments can be an uninteresting subject. But industry experts prove otherwise and show that the topic can lead to an interesting discussion! At least, this is what we have seen in PagBrasil’s latest webinar in partnership with E-commerce Brasil. We gathered specialists to discuss the main ecommerce payment trends in Brazil.

Ralf Germer, CEO and cofounder of PagBrasil, Alexandre Reganati, founder of Buda Digital, and Ariel Alexandre, cofounder of Ecommerce Experience, shares their insights on ecommerce payment trends in Brazil. The discussion was held in the Portuguese language. Check it out!



Pix helps digital businesses increase their sales

According to a study carried out by Gmattos, by the end of the second trimester of 2021 over 40% of merchants in Brazil had already offered the payment method in ecommerce.

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For Ralf Germer, the main advantage of Pix for merchants is the potential to increase sales. “Pix reaches more consumers, meaning online stores can boost their sales,” he says. However, the executive reinforces the importance of working with an efficient solution.

For Alexandre Reganati, the main benefit of Pix is the immediate confirmation. “Consumers get most anxious after the purchase is complete. So, customers have a high acceptance towards instant payment methods because they want everything instantly,” he says. For Reganati, Pix also increases conversion rates and encourages impulsive purchases.

For Ariel Alexandre, Pix is an excellent solution, even when compared to foreign technologies. However, his advice for digital businesses is to launch a Pix campaign. In other words: offer incentives, such as discounts, so consumers prefer Pix over other payment methods when shopping online. “Pix is instant, cheaper for operations, and the demand will only increase if more people are using it,” he says.


Traditional local payment methods are still relevant

One of the speculations of the market was that Pix would cannibalize traditional local payment methods, such as the boleto bancário, and become an alternative for merchants who couldn’t offer local debit cards in ecommerce.

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But for Germer, the scenario has proven to be different. “The story is always similar, but radical changes don’t happen. Things develop and evolve over time.” For Germer, local credit cards remain relevant due to benefits such as rewards and the possibility to pay in installments. For boletos, habit is still a very present element that makes replacing the traditional bar code for Pix more difficult.

For Reganati, credit cards and Pix will predominate the Brazilian ecommerce scenario. “I don’t see Pix cannibalizing credit cards any time soon, especially since many users store their credit card details in their web browsers.” The motives that most contribute to credit card preferences, according to Reganati, are installment payments and the possibility of centralizing all payments in one place.


Shopify business case and observed results

The conversation ended with a Shopify business case that uses PagBrasil’s solutions. Ariel presented the results of Pampili, a footwear company with over 2500 employees in the country. To support all its operations, the company needs to rely on efficient technology. “For that matter, Shopify is a very important tool, especially with the payment model of PagBrasil.”

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According to Ariel, PagBrasil Pix represented, in September, 14.7% of transactions. Further, conversion rates stood at approximately 70%. “What I value at PagBrasil is the fluid experience, one of the most important aspects for frictionless payments”, he says.

Want to offer PagBrasil Pix in your Shopify store? Get in touch with our sales team!

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