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Cartão de débito e-commerce | Debit cards ecommerce Brazil
Cartão de débito e-commerce | Debit cards ecommerce Brazil

With Pix, should online businesses in Brazil offer debit cards?

Published on 08/31/2021

Debit cards are one of Brazilians’ favorite payment methods to pay for daily purchases. However, in ecommerce, the reality is very different: although widely accepted in local businesses, this payment method is rarely present in online stores’ checkouts. And the reason is because of the payment experience.

To make an online payment with debit cards in Brazil, users are redirected to the issuing bank’s page to authenticate the purchase. Further, they must have installed on their computers the internet banking security module. This multiple-step and complex experience leads customers to give up on the purchase. And this is why many merchants in Brazil choose to not offer debit cards at all.

Therefore, Pix has become an alternative for consumers who want to pay for online purchases with their account balance and have their payment instantly confirmed. Problem solved, right?

Not necessarily. With the 3D Secure 2 protocol, debit cards provide advantages when compared to Pix in e-commerce, providing a secure, fluid, and positive payment experience. Find out why!

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Why offer debit cards with 3DS2

The 3D Secure 2 protocol eliminates the redirects faced by consumers when paying with debit cards in ecommerce, providing a fluid payment experience. After providing the card information at the checkout, consumers will receive a push notification from their banking app or a code via an SMS message on their phones.

This intuitive process offers benefits to both buyers and merchants.

Enhanced security and easy reimburments 

The authentication process offers enhanced security to customers and merchants, and it requires buyers to confirm the transaction. This reduces fraud and chargeback rates in ecommerce. Furthermore, merchants benefit from a higher authorization rate.

In addition, if clients suffer any sort of problem with the purchase, merchants can easily reimburse the customer.

Positive mobile experience

The payment experience with Pix using desktop devices is quite easy: customers can simply scan the QR code shown on the screen and complete the payment. There! Payment confirmed within an instant.

However, when purchasing with their smartphones, the payment process using Pix Copia e Cola isn’t that fluid: users must minimize the store’s page, leaving it on standby, and then open the banking app to complete the purchase.

With debit cards, the payment process is very similar to a credit card purchase, and consumers don’t need to leave the online store’s environment to complete the payment. Further, when the card’s information is saved in the web browser, all clients need to do is provide the CVV code. This reduces steps and accelerates the payment process.

Reaches a larger number of consumers

Despite Pix’s huge success, not all consumers in Brazil want to use the instant payment. Even those who do have a registered Pix key might prefer alternative payment methods.

Debit cards, on the other hand, are a payment method that consumers in Brazil are already used to. There are over 130 million active debit cards in Brazil; offering this payment method at the checkout widens the online business’s reach, allowing the inclusion of more Brazilian consumers in ecommerce.

Is your online store ready to offer debit cards with 3DS2?

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