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Brazil: the numbers of Digital in 2020 report

Published on 02/20/2020 - Updated on 12/18/2020

Highly connected and heavy mobile users: these are the words that describe internet users in Brazil. The report “Digital in 2020,” carried out by We Are Social and Hootsuite, shows a complete vision of the state of digital in Brazil, including how much time Brazilians spend online, what apps they are accessing, what their consumer habits are as regards ecommerce, and much more.


10 facts about internet users in Brazil

•    There are 140 million active social media users
•    94% own a smartphone
•    73% own a laptop or desktop computer
•    11% own a smartwatch or wristband
•    9h17min is the average time spent daily using the internet
•    98% watch online videos
•    36% listen to podcasts
•    39% use or scan QR Codes with their mobile phone
•    43% transfer money to friends or family using their mobile phone
•    38% have made an online purchase via a mobile device


A connected population

With 150.4 million internet users – 71% of the population – the report shows that 66% of the Brazilian population are active social media users. In addition, they spend an average of 4h41min using the internet on mobile devices. And, speaking of mobile…


Mobile phone connections reach 205.9 million in Brazil

Out of its population of 211.8 million, mobile phone connections reach 97% of the population in Brazil. Internet users reported that they use mainly chat apps (96%), social networking apps (97%) and entertainment or video apps (88%). Shopping apps are used by 72% while banking apps reach 47%.


Digital in 2020 Brazil

Ecommerce in Brazil: facts and figures

Ecommerce in Brazil continues to grow. In fact, The Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm) has estimated that ecommerce sales in the country will grow 18% in 2020 and should reach 106 billion reais.

Digital in 2020 shows that not only have 70% of internet users purchased a product online within a period of one month, but 90% have also visited an online retail store on the web.


Digital in 2020 Brazil

The role of payment in financial inclusion

While most of the Brazilian population may have great familiarity with digital products and services, not all are formally included in the financial system. Only 27% of the population has a credit card, and 18% make online purchases and/or pay bills online.

This goes to show how important a wide range of payment methods is for ecommerce businesses in Brazil. According to the report, 21% of ecommerce purchases are paid in cash, and 71% with credit cards – most of them limited to local transactions only.


Digital in 2020 Brazil

To access the Digital 2020: Brazil report, go to this link. For access to the full report, click here.

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