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Digital 2021
Digital 2021

Digital 2021: stats and numbers in Brazil

Published on 04/23/2021

After one year of the Covid-19 pandemic, digital activities were boosted all over the world. In Brazil, this has been no different. With social distancing measures, resorting to online shopping, entertainment, studying and even fitness activities has become more frequent among Brazilians.

Brazil is the largest ecommerce market in Latin America, and the pandemic has accelerated its growth. According to a study carried out by Compre&Confie, Brazilian ecommerce grew 40% just in the first few weeks of the pandemic in the country.

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But what are the numbers shown on the annual Digital 2021 report? Carried out by We Are Social and Hootsuite, the report shows the stats and numbers of digital activities in Brazil. We have  listed the highlights of the report. Check them out!


Facts and figures of digital in Brazil

•   There are 160 million internet users in Brazil.

•  Internet penetration stood at 75% in the country.

•  There are 150 million social media users in Brazil.

•  Social media penetration stood at 70.3%.

•  There are 205.4 million mobile connections in Brazil.

•  The percentage of smartphone owners among internet users in Brazil is 98.5%.

•  Brazilians spend an average of 10 hours and 08 minutes using the internet.

•  Time spent on social media is approximately 03 hours and 42 minutes.

•  The percentage of internet users that use or scan QR codes is 50.2%.

•  The percentage of internet users who use mobile payment services such as Apple Pay, and Google Pay is 36.5%.


Brazilian ecommerce stats

With the pandemic, ecommerce activity boosted in Brazil. According to the report, 91.4% of internet users in Brazil search online for a product or service. In addition, 76% purchased a product online through any device, and 50.8% shopped via a mobile phone.

Growth by category

The Digital 2021 report also brings information on the year-on-year change in the total amount spent in ecommerce categories. In 2020, Digital Music category grew 39%, followed by Video games (32.7%), Food & Personal Care (27.1%), Fashion & Beauty (24%), Furniture & Appliances (23.9%), Toys, DIY & Hobbies (21.2%), and Electronics & Physical Media (20.8%). However, Travel, Mobility, and Accommodation faced a 40.8% decrease.

Consumer goods in ecommerce

According to the report, 105 million Brazilians purchased consumer goods on the internet. The total value of the consumer goods ecommerce market reached US 21.22 billion.

Digital services in Brazil

Quarantine and social-distancing measures made digital services more attractive to Brazilians. According to the report:

•  36.5% of internet users used mobile payment services such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay each month.

•  76% paid for digital content such as streaming services or e-publishing each month.

•  54.1% used online ride-hailing services, like Uber.

•  66.6% used online food delivery services.


Want to learn more? Access the full report here.

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