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Salesforce, the World’s CRM Champion, Chooses PagBrasil for a Breakthrough Partnership

Published on 01/18/2022 - Updated on 04/19/2023

PagBrasil, a leading Brazilian FinTech company, announces a new partnership with Salesforce. The partnership aims to enhance Salesforce’s e-commerce solution, called Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Clients with B2B and B2C-focused business models will have access to local credit card payments, as well alternative payment methods such as Boleto Flash®, PagBrasil Pix, and PEC Flash®.

The Commerce Cloud platform provides services to many brands such as Puma, Coca-Cola, Cargill, or Samsonite to leverage their sales worldwide. Now, it is the time for merchants to expand into Brazil.


How this partnership impacts e-commerce in Brazil

PagBrasil is the first payment service provider to offer alternative payment methods for Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients in Brazil.

Salesforce is a pioneer, or, as coined by the company’s co-CEO and co-founder Marc Benioff, a Trailblazer. The CRM company – which needs no introduction – is redefining the digital commerce landscape with several successful enterprise applications.

As Salesforce provides one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms available on the market and is a synonym for digital transformation, so is PagBrasil. The world’s #1 CRM company chose PagBrasil as a partner and both share many similarities such as innovation, pioneering, integration, and focus on the customer.

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PagBrasil is a leading payments fintech in Brazil that helps both domestic digital businesses as well as multinational merchants to offer the best payment experience to Brazilian online shoppers.

Here, at PagBrasil, we offer all the preferred payment methods in the country: Boleto Flash®, the next generation of the traditional boleto bancário, Débito Flash™ that provides inclusion in the e-commerce realm for 160 million Brazilian debit card holders, Pix, which is the country’s and the world’s fastest-adopted instant payment system, PagStream®, an exclusive solution, that handles all of your subscription payment system, credit card, the preferred payment method for online purchases in Brazil, which is often used to pay in monthly installments, and other services that comprehend payment processing.

According to Ralf Germer, PagBrasil’s co-founder and CEO, with PagBrasil’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud solution, merchants operating in the country can grow revenue and scale with confidence while attending the specific payment methods demanded by the Brazilian consumers:

“Partnering with the world’s number one CRM company reinforces our pioneering spirit and boldness in being the first payment service provider in Brazil to offer a variety of payment methods to Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients, promoting an outstanding conversion rates and sales boost to all business models, whether that be B2B or B2C.”

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Partnership and its benefits

PagBrasil’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud app is an all-in-one app that delivers a hassle-free and mobile-friendly checkout and the most comprehensive set of local payment methods and features for Brazil.

It is a simplified integration that requires no coding and gives the merchant access to a complete set of features, including fraud prevention, subscription management, and split payout. The goal is to help digital businesses focus more on sales and marketing and less on developing and maintaining payments systems.

If your company runs an online business and is considering penetrating the Brazilian market, you might be wondering why you should bother with a local payment processor instead of using the ones you are already using for other markets. The simple version of the answer is that it doesn’t work that way in the Brazilian market.

PagBrasil knows the hassle it could take for a foreign company to establish its business in Brazilian territory. André Almeida, the Head of International Business Development, highlighted the benefits and the importance of this partnership for international merchants operating in Brazil:

“The Brazilian market can be very challenging, especially for online businesses, in which local payment processing is paramount for success. The particularities in terms of payment acceptance are vast. Although Brazil is an attractive market for international companies to expand to, technical integration can also be a big hurdle depending on the platform used. With our new PagBrasil app for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, merchants can easily make available the most preferred methods for their Brazilian customers, guaranteeing maximum stability, a fluid user experience, and the best performance out there.”


Below, we’ve listed all the advantages:

Direct checkout with optimized payment flow

Checkout abandonment is, unfortunately, common for e-commerce websites. PagBrasil streamlines the checkout process, offering a safe, credible, and transparent payment flow where there is no redirection to an external URL. The buyers can complete their purchase within the merchant’s domain, using the payment methods of their choice.

Single and simplified integration that requires no coding

Easily integrate the app to your online platform without any coding. Once you have completed your onboarding process with PagBrasil, our team will send you the instructions to install the app into your store.

Domestic credit cards with installment payments

Installment payments are popular in Brazil: credit card holders can break the total amount of their purchase into up to twelve monthly payments.

With PagBrasil’s app, not only are you able to provide your customers in Brazil with this convenience, but you can also determine if you want to charge interest over a certain number of installments, transferring the cost to the buyer.

Boleto Flash® – best-performing online boleto

Boleto bancário is one of the most popular payment methods in Brazil. PagBrasil’s Boleto Flash® is the next generation of the traditional boleto bancário, which confirms payments within less than an hour. Consumers can also pay a Boleto Flash® with Pix, Brazil’s instant payment method, and the payment is confirmed instantly.

Boleto Flash® is completely responsive for mobile screens: consumers can simply scan the barcode or copy and paste the digits into their internet banking app to complete their purchase.

PEC Flash® – Cash payment method for digital transactions in Brazil

Alternative payment methods bridge the gap between unbanked and banked e-commerce consumers. Nearly 34 million citizens don’t have a bank account in Brazil, but a big chunk wishes to buy online. PEC Flash® is a cash payment method that can pay their purchase at any lottery agency in Brazil.

Pix payment

Pix is Brazil’s popular instant payment method. With PagBrasil Pix, your store can receive Pix payments providing the best experience for all B2B and B2C channels in Brazil. All one needs to do is scan the QR code shown on the screen or copy and paste the transaction’s code into the banking or digital wallet app to pay with the account balance. The payment is confirmed within seconds, and your store can quickly release the order.

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State-of-the-art antifraud solution

Automatically identify fraudulent transactions with PagShield®, PagBrasil’s state-of-the-art anti-fraud solution designed explicitly for the particularities of the Brazilian e-commerce market.

Split payout

Do you need to pay suppliers and service providers using your platform? With PagBrasil’s payout solution, your business easily controls the payment flow from end to end. Our payout solutions are perfect for marketplaces, shared economy platforms, crowdfunding, and other types of business.

Recurring payments and subscription management

Receive recurring payments with PagStream®, PagBrasil’s subscription management solution. Efficiently manage subscription plans, automate payments, and send your subscribers personalized notifications.

If you wish to know more about this partnership and which services are covered, check out our service page here, or for further information, get in touch with our sales team.

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