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pci scope | escopo de pci | alcance de pci
pci scope | escopo de pci | alcance de pci

Reduced PCI Scope with a Secure Payment Gateway

Published on 11/23/2017 - Updated on 05/24/2024

PCI DSS compliance is a major concern to every business accepting credit card payments. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard encompasses a set of requirements and procedures to optimize the security of transactions made with credit cards. In addition, they help in protecting cardholders’ personal information, which has a significant impact in reducing the risks of card data theft and fraud.


In order to be PCI compliant, businesses of all sizes are required to demonstrate that they have sufficient systems and processes in place to effectively secure their customers’ credit card information. Complying with all PCI DSS requirements in order to receive a compliance certificate can be a difficult task. Even though the scope of the PCI assessment might vary depending on the businesses characteristics and size, merchants cannot escape it. However, there is a simple way of significantly reducing the PCI scope: integrating with a secure payment gateway which is PCI compliant.



How Does the Integration Work for a Reduced PCI Scope?


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard consists of twelve requirements, grouped into six major goals. However, each requirement is divided into a series of sub-requirements, which makes it a lot more difficult to obtain the PCI compliance certification.


Businesses that wish to reduce their PCI scope, have the option to integrate with a secure and PCI certified payment gateway. In this case, merchants can offer credit cards as a payment method to their consumer, without having to invest all the time and resources to comply with all PCI DSS requirements.


PagBrasil, for instance, is PCI DSS Level 1, certified by Trustwave – the highest security standard available in the payment industry, and it offers a few alternatives to help businesses reduce their PCI scope:


    • iFrame: Regardless of the payment processing model used – gateway, collection or both, merchants can reduce their PCI scope by using our iFrame. This integration method will make the payment data flow through our systems instead of that of the online store. In this case, the buyer pays using a secure payment form hosted on PagBrasil’s servers and enjoys a seamless payment experience. This away, merchants can avoid complex and costly technical requirements to be PCI compliant. The URL displayed to the consumers is the online store’s one, therefore, it is necessary to secure the page with a SSL certificate. It is worth noting that PagBrasil’s iFrame is fully customizable and responsive, adapting the payment form to any mobile screen resolution.


    • Extensions: All the extensions provided by PagBrasil work similarly to the iFrame integration. Merchants using our Shopify plugin or WooCommerce, Magento and other extensions, benefit from a reduced PCI scope and maximum security when processing credit card payments.


  • Payment link: for those businesses that operate with offline sales or call centers, for instance, PagBrasil offers a payment link solution. Merchants can generate payment links via API or manually at PagBrasil’s Dashboard, without the need of any technical integration. The links can then be sent by e-mail, SMS, or even WhatsApp to customers, who are sent to a secure payment page to complete a specific transaction. This is an effective way to reduce the scope regarding the handling of cardholders’ information in an offline environment.


If a business does not have the structure to comply with all the PCI DSS requirements, or if it would just rather focus on other elements of the business, then using the alternatives for a reduced PCI scope provided by a secure and PCI compliant payment gateway can be of great help. When followed correctly, the standard significantly reduces the risks of data breach and the financial losses that come with it.

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