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split payout | marketplace
split payout | marketplace

PagBrasil Presents Its Split Payout Solution for Marketplace

Published on 10/12/2017 - Updated on 05/24/2024

The e-commerce industry continues growing around the globe. In Brazil, the segment has managed to maintain a positive growth trend in the past few years despite the economic challenges the country has been facing. One of the ingredients of the e-commerce success is the popularization of marketplaces. With more and more online marketplaces starting to operate, the need for a managed money flow solution is evident. With such a solution, the marketplace can process payments for goods and services sold by multiple sellers and manage the payouts to the providers without being directly involved in the money flow. This is important, because it releases the marketplace from the complex centralized liquidation that is being made mandatory under Brazilian legislation. In light of this, PagBrasil has created its split payout solution.



What is Split Payout for Marketplace?


As its name suggest, a split payout indicates that a money transfer shall be split between two or more beneficiaries. In the marketplace context, this type of payout gains more relevancy as consumers buy products and services provided by multiple sellers. The payment received for the purchase is be split between the marketplace owner and the provider. Among the well-known marketplaces on the internet is Amazon, AliExpress, Airbnb and Uber. However, there are a great many medium sized marketplaces with a local-oriented operation. Regardless of their size, they need a split payout solution.


In some cases, the marketplaces manage all the payouts themselves. This means that they receive the full amount for the purchases carried out on their platform, keep their commission and later proceed to pay their sellers. While this might work for some businesses, other marketplaces need an automated split payout solution. And this is exactly what PagBrasil offers with its recently launched split payout solution.


PagBrasil handles the entire payment process: payment processing, money collection and the payouts for marketplaces and each and every one of their sellers. Thanks to this, the clearing process for marketplaces becomes a lot easier. In addition, the integration via API allows marketplace owners to have total control over the entire payment process as well as flexibility to define how it should work. PagBrasil’s split payout solution can be integrated with the marketplaces’ backend or platform and the details about the amount to be transferred to each payee can simply be sent via API. Full reconciliation reports are made available for marketplace owners at their PagBrasil’s dashboard so that they can have complete control over the money received and paid. It is worth highlighting that PagBrasil’s marketplace solution incorporates a payee validation process that complies with current anti-money laundering legislation and regulation.



Key Characteristics of PagBrasil’s Split Payout Solution


    • Multi-setting split payout

PagBrasil enjoys a privileged position when it comes to split payout scenarios. Because the company operates both locally and cross-border, there are six different ways it can be done. Read more here.


    • Full control over payouts

Marketplaces can define their own rules for payouts. Payout instructions are sent to PagBrasil via API and the split is done automatically.


    • Automated and flexible payouts

Because of the full control marketplaces have over the amounts and the beneficiaries for the payout transfers, they enjoy a lot more flexibility. In addition, it can be an entirely automated process running in their backend.


    • Stable platform

Our redundant server platform, hosted at different geographic locations, is extremely reliable, with an uptime of 99.98%.


    • Maximum security

PagBrasil is PCI DSS Level 1 certified by Trustwave. Thanks to the highest security standard available in the payment industry, merchants enjoy the maximum security.


Many specialists point to marketplaces as the future of e-commerce. Not only it opens the doors for smaller businesses that otherwise couldn’t compete with bigger companies, but it also provides a great experience for consumers. Marketplace owners, both local and international, can rely on PagBrasil’s solution to offer buyers the broadest range of Brazilian payment methods and increase the sales conversion on their websites. This way, everyone wins: consumers can have access to a product or service and pay with their preferred payment method, sellers can increase their revenue and market place owners can increase their commission earnings.

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