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Brazilian E-Commerce Growing Steadily

Published on 07/19/2018

The second quarter of the year registered positive results for both the e-commerce segment and the traditional retail sector in Brazil. According to MasterCard’s SpendingPulse, the industries experienced growth of 27.5% and 0.3% in April, 26% and 0.8% in May and 23.9% and 0.9% in June, respectively.


Special events, such as Mother’s Day, Dia dos Namorados (the Brazilian equivalent of Valentine’s Day) and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, fueled the growth. For Mother’s Day, celebrated in Brazil on the second Sunday of May, e-commerce sales grew by 9.8%, as per data by Social Miner. Household appliances, electronics, and cosmetics were the product categories to perform best. Household appliances, in particular, merits a mention for growing nearly 75% in comparison to the previous year.


The Brazilian date to celebrate ones’ significant other also registered positive numbers. According to ABComm, the revenue for the date reached a total of BRL 2.6 billion, an increase of 10% compared to 2017. Fashion and accessories, electronics, cosmetics and mobile stand out among the main product categories.


Football fans also took to e-commerce to find the best screen to follow the World Cup. Data by Buscapé points out that there was an increase of 41% in searches for TVs between the first half of April and the same period in May, ahead of the tournament start. In addition, the conversion rate in such cases also grew by 15%.


However, it is worth noting that during the times Brazil’s team played, sales dropped by up to 28%. For the first match, sales were down by 25.9%. The second one registered a drop in sales of 25.5%, followed by 21.6% and 18.6% during the third and fourth matches. The quarter-final, when Brazil fell against Belgium, had the biggest impact, with sales down by 28.1%.


The next quarter should be a bit slower, with less expressive dates and consumers in Brazil starting to prepare for Dia das crianças (Children’s Day), Black Friday and Christmas. However, the positive numbers highlight the potential of the e-commerce segment in the country.


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