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Boleto Flash® can now be paid with Pix

Published on 07/15/2021

Boleto Flash® is now even faster! PagBrasil’s exclusive technology, that confirms boleto payments in less than one hour, can now be paid with Pix. After choosing Boleto Flash® at the online store’s checkout page, the consumer can choose between paying the boleto conventionally, or with Pix.

After that, the process is exactly the same as paying with Pix in ecommerce: all customers need to do is copy and paste the Pix code into their bank or digital wallet app or scan the QR code shown on the screen. The payment is confirmed within a few seconds, allowing merchants to immediately send the product – avoiding stock retention – or make the service available.

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The feature helps digital businesses maximize their conversions, resulting in an increase in their revenue. This new update is available to all online stores that already offer Boleto Flash® and requires no technical integration, additional contracts, or coding from the merchant’s side.


Benefits of paying a Boleto Flash® with Pix

The new feature also offers advantages for consumers. Learn more!

Payment confirmation within a few seconds

When consumers pay with Pix, they know the payment is instantly confirmed and that their product can be quickly shipped, or the service immediately made available. This encourages customers to complete the purchase – which, for merchants, can mean an increase in their sales.

Suitable for Brazilian companies

The boleto bancário is still widely used by companies to pay for products and services. Boleto Flash® with Pix allows businesses to optimize financial flows, as it allows companies to combine the benefits of the boleto with the instant confirmation from Pix.

More flexibility for consumers

The new feature offers more flexibility for different types of consumers. Imagine, for example, that a customer wants to purchase a product in a flash sale but can only complete the payment the next day. With Boleto Flash®, the order will be received and reserved by the merchant until the expiration date of the boleto. When the payment is due, the customer can pay the boleto with Pix and the purchase will be instantly confirmed, 24/7, no matter the time of day.

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