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Remarketing with payment link | Remarketing com link de pagamento
Remarketing with payment link | Remarketing com link de pagamento

Optimize remarketing campaigns with Payment Link

Published on 01/29/2021 - Updated on 06/23/2022

A payment link is an important resource for online stores that wish to boost their remarketing campaign efficiency and generate second conversion opportunities.

Digital marketing is essential for every online store. No wonder that, in Brazil, the ecommerce industry ranks second in digital ads investments, followed only by the body care industry, according to Admetricks. The Conselho Executivo das Normas-Padrão (CENP) – Standard Norms Executive Council of Brazil – showed that total media investment in the country reached BRL 3.73 billion in 2019.

It is in this context that remarketing actions come in. This strategy enables ads to be exhibited to users who have interacted with a brand on the internet.

Merchants are familiar with this strategy and understand its importance in recovering sales – especially when customers abandon the cart. Automizing email marketing campaigns that encourage the user to finish the purchase is the most usual remarketing strategy.

But what if you could increase this strategy’s efficiency and boost conversions? This is when the payment link comes in!


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How a payment link can boost a remarketing campaign’s efficiency

A payment link is a solution that allows merchants to send their customers a link to complete the purchase, without having to access the online store. Understand the benefits this brings for remarketing campaigns!


Simplifies steps

The payment link simplifies the consumer’s steps, making the purchase process easier. Instead of directing the consumer to the website, the tool enables an agile payment.

PagBrasil’s solution, for instance, allows merchants to send a pre-filled link with previously saved customer information, guaranteeing an even better payment experience.


Widens payment options

Let’s say a consumer chooses to pay for a purchase with boleto bancário, but doesn’t complete the payment.

Sending a payment link after the due date with other payment options other than the boleto increases the chances of conversion, as customers can choose between other payment options, such as credit and debit cards, online banking transfer, and even cash.


Allows merchants to sell in multiple channels

The payment link is a solution that also works well in other channels, such as social media and WhatsApp. Merchants must simply send the URL through a private chat so customers can complete the purchase. The solution is completely mobile responsive, allowing a positive payment experience.


PagBrasil’s solution

PagBrasil’s exclusive solution supports all local payment methods in Brazil, including the exclusive Boleto Flash®, the only boleto in the market that confirms payments in less than 1 hour, and PEC Flash®, a cash payment solution for Brazilian ecommerce.

Send payment reminders, customized messages, and benefit from a responsive layout. Reach out to learn more about our solution!