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Payment link | Link de pagamento
Payment link | Link de pagamento

4 ways you can use a payment link to boost your sales

Published on 07/16/2020 - Updated on 06/23/2022

Selling online has never been more important – especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, where social distancing measures hinder the physical interaction between merchants and their customers. At this moment, retailers must reinvent themselves and look for alternatives to sell quickly and safely. And it is in this scenario where the payment link arises as a solution.

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As the name suggests, a payment link is a link that takes the consumer to a payment page, without having to access the site to complete the purchase. The merchant sends a link to the customer via email, text message, WhatsApp, or private message on social media, and, when clicking, the consumer is taken to a payment page. On this page, the consumer can complete the purchase the way they prefer, as different payment methods are offered – such as installment credit card payments, boleto bancário, debit cards, online banking transfers, and so on.

How and when to use a payment link

With the COVID-19 pandemic, this solution became an alternative to sell online without having an ecommerce website. But in reality, the payment link also offers a number of benefits and can be used in remarketing strategies and even social actions. In addition, it also allows merchants to expand their sales channels, as customers can make the purchase on different platforms. Check out four situations to use this solution!

Exclusive offers

Sending a payment link is an excellent strategy to increase conversions from exclusive offers, such as limited-time promotions. Actions like this promote the feeling of exclusivity and urgency, greatly increasing the chances of the consumer completing the purchase.

Payment by QR code

One of the trends that were accelerated during quarantine in Brazil was the use of QR codes. During the quarantine, several local artists hosted live shows on YouTube and made a QR code available on the screen so that anyone watching the event at home could use their digital wallets and donate in support of fighting the pandemic. To do so, a user simply accessed the app on his smartphone and scanned the code. The user would then be taken to the payment area, where he could choose the amount he wanted for the donation.

With the payment link, it is possible to do something similar, since the QR code can be generated from a URL. Thus, the same can be done during your brand’s digital events with customers – and without relying on the download of an app to perform the operation. In addition to donations, you can also promote exclusive offers during the event, with special conditions for a product or service for those who are attending.

Order recovery

With this solution, it is also possible to recover customers who abandon the cart and thus create a second conversion opportunity. Instead of simply sending an email inviting the customer to come back to the store and complete the purchase, you can send the payment link with the amount, enhancing your remarketing actions.

Multiple sales channels

It is not only in online stores that a sale can take place: many Brazilian merchants also use social media and WhatsApp as a sales tool. With the payment link, you can leverage from this interaction with the customer to complete the sale on the spot.

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Learn all about PagBrasil’s payment link

PagBrasil’s payment link supports all of Brazil’s most popular payment methods, including the exclusive Boleto Flash® and PEC Flash®. Learn more about our solution and contact our sales team for more details!

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    Hello I am a PHP developer and want to integrate your payment gateways for one of out client and I have search lots but did find any proper solution or documentation that explain how can I integrate pagbrasil on my PHP websire.

    Can explain me where I can find documentation regarding integration and how I will get API details for integration.