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Ecommerce in Easter | E-commerce na Páscoa
Ecommerce in Easter | E-commerce na Páscoa

Online Easter: 3 tips to boost your sales

Published on 04/02/2020

Easter is one of the most anticipated commemorative dates of the first semester. Vital for many segments in the market, the date represents a major opportunity in sales for sectors such as food and toys. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions to opening stores, different forms of consuming will emerge and merchants will have to reinvent themselves to increase their sales.

Although commercial establishments predict they will face a number of challenges in the upcoming weeks, ecommerce will see a significant boom during the quarantine. The demand for delivery is likely to grow, as 71% of Brazilian consumers said they will increase their online shopping volume, according to a survey carried out by NZN Intelligence.

With Easter just around the corner, businesses find that digital channels are tools that help thrive in this new scenario. In this article, we’ve listed three essential tips to boost your Easter 2020 sales. Learn more!


How to boost your Easter sales

1. Work with delivery apps

Delivery apps are the leading strategy that merchants are finding to keep their operations running. Brazilian delivery app iFood, for instance, has seen a significant increase in the number of restaurants registered in the platform, with an 11% growth in March, reaching 160,000 establishments.

2. Reinforce your online presence

Online presence through different online channels has never been so important. Not only are consumers increasing their online spending, but they are also spending more time on social media. According to a study carried out by Kantar, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram have all experienced over 40% increase in usage from under 35-year-olds.

Increasing online exposure is a fundamental action to boost your sales this Easter. In addition, promoting special discounts or free shipping are efficient strategies to encourage online spending.

3. Use a payment link to accept multiple payment methods

A payment link is a fast, easy and complete solution for those who don’t have an ecommerce set for this period and want to enable online sales. It requires no technical integration, providing instant processing. This solution offers customers a wide range of payment methods, such as the boleto bancário, installment payments with credit cards, online banking transfer, debit cards, and much more. This is especially important during a time of crisis, where most consumers look for flexible payment methods that best fit their needs.

The payment link also enables second conversion opportunities, as merchants may send e-mail and SMS reminders to their customers to complete the purchase.

This year’s Easter will definitely be more challenging for businesses. However, with the right online tools, merchants might find ways to overcome this scenario and still profit from the sweetest time of the year!

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