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Easter 2021 | Páscoa 2021
Easter 2021 | Páscoa 2021

Easter 2021 in Brazil: even more digital than 2020

Published on 03/18/2021 - Updated on 03/19/2021

Last year, the Covid-19 pandemic affected one of the most anticipated dates of the first half of the year: Easter. At that time, several states across Brazil began to adopt stricter social distancing measures, restricting opening hours to local businesses.

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In this new scenario, selling online became a solution for retailers. According to Ebit | Nielsen’s Webshoppers report, Easter 2020 registered a 66% increase in online sales — an expansion driven by the pandemic.

This year, the scenario repeats itself: as vaccination speeds up in Brazil and social distancing measures resurface, ecommerce becomes, once again, the main sales channel for Easter 2021.

The good news is that, in 2021, consumers are more used to shopping online: according to a survey by Criteo, 56% of Brazilian consumers made their first ecommerce purchase during the pandemic, and 94% intend to continue shopping online.


Strategies for Easter 2021

With online shopping becoming a habit for Brazilian consumers, ecommerce sales during this Easter should be even greater. Delivery platforms are one of the main approaches: just as an example, during Carnival 2021, delivery sales grew 276% compared to the same period last year.

With chocolates and sweets being the main items bought by consumers at this time of year, it is only natural that delivery sales will be boosted even more during Easter 2021.


Beyond delivery: how to increase online sales during Easter

But delivery is not the only solution to increase sales this year. We have provided some tips to boost your results this Easter!

Work with more than one platform

In addition to delivery apps, marketplace platforms such as Magazine Luiza, Americanas, and Amazon, are an alternative for Easter sales. These large digital retailers allow merchants to reach the diverse consumer profile that sees the marketplace platform as a safe alternative for shopping.

Offer a payment link

Social media and WhatsApp sales are already a reality for many merchants. According to the Panorama do Comércio Móvel, carried out by Mobile Time and Opinion Box, WhatsApp, although not originally meant for this purpose, is the third most popular delivery app. Around  9% of consumers report that they have already used the chat app to make an order. iFood leads with 64%, followed by Uber Eats, with 13%.

Even large retailers, such as Lacta, are benefiting from this strategy: the company launched a service through the chat app, with questions and answers about the purchase process and interactions to add items to their shopping carts.

Therefore, optimizing the sale process through WhatsApp and social media is fundamental. The Payment Link becomes an important tool to streamline the purchase process in these channels. When forwarding the URL to your consumer, he or she will be directed to a secure page and will be able to choose their preferred payment methods, such as credit card, debit card, boleto bancário, or even cash.

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Widen the local payment method options  

For merchants who already have an online store, offering alternative payment methods is another important strategy to increase sales. According to the Instituto Locomotiva, 71% of the Brazilian population still prefers to use cash to make their daily purchases.

Offering payment methods that cater to this population efficiently, such as Boleto Flash® and PEC Flash®, is essential to boosting your online sales. Both allow cash payments with accelerated confirmation, promoting an excellent shopping experience.

Pix is also an important payment method, especially on a day when fast delivery is crucial. Since the instant payment method enables immediate confirmation, merchants can quickly release the goods for delivery, speeding up the process. This payment method appears as an alternative for consumers who prefer to pay using the balance of the bank account or digital wallet.

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