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E-commerce Trends 2019

Published on 12/14/2018 - Updated on 10/30/2019

E-commerce sales continue growing at a fast pace worldwide. According to eMarketer, by 2021 they should reach nearly USD 4.9 trillion in sales globally, representing 17.5% of total retail sales.


Brazilian e-commerce trends 2019

In Brazil, the e-commerce segment is back on the double-digit growth track, with an estimated increase of 15% in revenue in 2018. With this in mind, we have selected a few e-commerce trends to watch out for and follow in 2019 to grow your e-commerce sales. Check the infographic below.


e-commerce trends


The future of m-commerce in Brazil

We’ve recently collaborated with the Brazil Ecommerce 2019, from Ecommerce Foundation. Our CEO and cofounder, Ralf Germer, shared his point of view on the future of mobile e-commerce – a strong trend for the following years.

“M-commerce represents the future of the ecommerce industry worldwide. In countries like South Korea and the UK, m-commerce already represents more than half of all ecommerce sales”, explained Mr. Germer. The entrepreneur adds that, between 2011 and H1 of 2018, m-commerce grew of than 10,000%.

In addition, Mr. Germer expects social media to become one of the main m-commerce sales driver. Today, there are 130 million Brazilian users on Facebook and 64 million on Instagram.

With smartphones and phone plans becoming more accessible, over 100 million Brazilians from lower classes have access to the internet. “These additional consumers want to buy things online, get an online education, consume content, use services through apps or date online. Smartphones are their only way to connect to the internet”, he adds.

Even though not all Brazilians own a smartphone, Mr. Germer explains that 92% of households have at least one mobile device. Smartphone usage will increase exponentially, which means that e-commerce businesses should not spare efforts to deliver the best mobile experience for their users.

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