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Consumer Day in Brazil | Dia do Consumidor no Brasil
Consumer Day in Brazil | Dia do Consumidor no Brasil

Consumer Day strengthens in Brazil

Published on 02/27/2020 - Updated on 04/20/2023

Carnival is over, and, as Brazilians say, “The year has officially begun.” And there’s no better way to press start than with an important date for ecommerce businesses: Consumer Day.

Celebrated on March 15th, Brazilians are becoming increasingly familiar with Consumer Day. According to research carried out by Social Miner and OpinionBox, while in 2019 less than half of online consumers knew about the date – 46.9%, exactly – this year’s new research shows that an impressive 61.4% are well aware of the first big online retail event of the year.


What are consumers looking for?

According to the research, 36.3% of consumers consider price to be one of the main factors that would lead them to purchase on Consumer Day. Discounts, on the other hand, are important for 29.5%. Shipping costs are also very significant for consumers: 55.4% said that this could make them give up on the purchase entirely.


When do consumers start looking for deals?

Most consumers won’t start looking for deals until 15 days prior to Consumer Day (31.3%), and 23.4% will start researching a day before or on the actual date itself. Search engines such as Google and Bing are the main sources for research (61.5%), followed by ecommerce websites (47.4%), price comparators (44.8%) and social media (31.6%).


Three facts about Consumer Day in Brazil

There are many things that make Brazilian customers unique, especially in the online environment. According to Google’s online shopping trends report, price and payment methods are deeply valued by consumers. For that matter, when compared to markets such as the US and the UK, Brazilians are the ones who spend the most time researching online for the best deals.

For Consumer Day, it wouldn’t be any different.

Consumers want more than discounts

Even though price and discounts are among the main elements that lead customers to shop on Consumer Day, Brazilians also want to feel appreciated in some way. According to Google Surveys, they expect benefits such as free shipping (53%), special payment conditions (15%), extra points in customer loyalty programs (12%), and cashback (7%).

Consumer Week

Like on Black Friday, merchants extend their offers for the entire week. This gives stores the opportunity to boost their remarketing strategies and have a second attempt at converting customers.

An eye on Easter

Another curious fact about Consumer Day in Brazil is that customers leverage from the event to shop for Easter. The proximity between the two dates has encouraged customers to seek chocolates and other products related to the holiday.

Is your business ready for Consumer Day? Let us know!

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