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Lovers' Day | Dia dos Namorados
Lovers' Day | Dia dos Namorados

Brazilian ecommerce on Lovers’ Day 2021

Published on 05/14/2021

Lovers’ Day is one of the most important days in Brazilian ecommerce. Celebrated on June 12th, the date – in a pandemic-free scenario – tends to activate stores, fill restaurants and attract tourists to romantic destinations.

However, in 2020, social distancing measures forced consumers to change the way they celebrate the day. But this didn’t necessarily affect consumers’ shopping intent: according to the 43rd Webshoppers report, carried out by Ebit|Nielsen, the 2020 edition of Lovers’ Day showed the highest growth among seasonal dates, with a 91% increase in revenue.

The total revenue of last year’s edition – which encompasses the days between May 28 and June 11 – was BRL 4.1 billion, with BRL 278 million in sales daily. Further, orders were boosted by 63% and the average ticket increased by 17% when compared to 2019.


Seasonal dates represent over one-third of Brazilian ecommerce revenue

Seasonal dates have great importance in this context. According to the Webshoppers report, these celebrations account for 34% of total ecommerce revenue, reaching BRL 30.1 billion in 2020.

This year, with a more mature ecommerce environment, we have observed positive outcomes from the first celebration dates of 2021.

Consumer Day, which took place on March 15th, had significant participation in the first quarter of the year: online sales in Brazil increased by 57.4% when compared to the same period of 2020, according to Neotrust.

Easter, which this year occurred on April 4th, also obtained impressive results. According to a study carried out by Lett, the number of online orders was boosted by 136%.


Lovers’ Day 2021: what to expect

If this trend continues for the next celebration, we can expect equally promising results for this year’s Lovers’ Day edition. After all, the scenario is not so different from what we saw in 2020.

The habit of buying online is here to stay. According to the Shopping During the Pandemic survey, 47% of people in Brazil are buying more over the internet.

But what do consumers intend to buy?

Consumer behavior

According to research carried out by Social Miner, in 2020, men were responsible for 50.3% of conversions during Lovers’ Day in Brazil. Their favorite categories were electronics and informatics, home and construction, and beverages.

Women, on the other hand, preferred beauty, fashion and accessories, and books, respectively.


Prepare your online store for Lovers’ Day

Want to boost your sales in Brazil on one of the most important days in ecommerce? Then check out our tips to increase your store’s conversion rates!

Widen your local payment offering

Offering local payment methods that cater to different consumer profiles is essential for increasing your conversions. Although credit cards are the preferred payment method when shopping online, alternative payment methods still represent an important share of Brazilian ecommerce transactions.

Even with a high digital payment adoption in Brazil, a great part of the population still uses cash for their daily purchases. The report “Accelerating financial inclusion during the Covid-19 pandemic,” carried out by MasterCard, shows that even with the reduction of the unbanked population in Brazil in light of governmental financial aid, many still prefer to withdraw their funds and manage their payments in cash.

This is why alternative payment methods such as Boleto Flash® and PEC Flash® are excellent alternatives to cater to the population that still prefers cash.

Offer a payment link to recover abandoned carts

A payment link is a URL that directs your customer to a secure payment page. This resource allows your store to create second conversion opportunities and recover customers that abandon the cart.

Instead of simply sending your customer an email inviting them to return to your store to complete the purchase, you can send a payment link and boost your remarketing strategies.

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Work with accelerated payment methods

During celebrations, the delivery due date is extremely important. Nobody wants to give someone a gift on the day after, right?

Payment methods have an important role to play as regards the delivery date. The faster the payment is confirmed, the faster your store can send the product.

This is why your store should offer payments with accelerated confirmation, such as credit cards, Pix, Boleto Flash® – the only boleto on the market that confirms the payment in less than 1 hour – and PEC Flash®, a cash payment solution for ecommerce that confirms payments within minutes.

Want to boost your sales in Brazil with inclusive local payment methods? Get in touch with us!

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