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Subscription Management | Pagamento Recorrente
Subscription Management | Pagamento Recorrente

5 reasons that made Black Tucano choose PagStream® for subscription management

Published on 11/12/2021 - Updated on 05/05/2023

The subscription economy is in constant expansion in Brazil: according to research carried out by Betalabs, the subscription clubs’ revenue was boosted by 18% from January to September 2021. The number is a result of consumer behavioral changes, people now demanding more convenience and wanting to invest in self-care, wellness, and entertainment.

According to the study, the beverage segment is one of the consumers’ favorites, accounting for 19% of all subscription clubs. And among the products in this category is one of Brazilians’ favorite drinks: coffee.


Black Tucano: exclusive coffees every month

Black Tucano, an ecommerce specializing in exclusive coffees, noticed this trend.

For Marcos Stockl, founder of Black Tucano, the subscription economy is an opportunity for the segment. There is plenty of space and opportunity in the subscription market, especially in the coffee segment: consumers are eager for discoveries, such as new flavors, types of roast, and unique blends. “Our consumers consist of specialty coffee lovers. Black Tucano is dedicated to all those who wish to experience differentiated coffees,” he explains.

The subscription model allows Black Tucano to deliver this experience into their customers’ homes. The company works with three monthly subscription models to meet the different profiles of coffee lovers. It is possible to receive between two, three, or four packets of special coffee every month at home and even select the type of grind you prefer. In addition, consumers also receive treats and discounts on other products on the site. All subscription plans are monthly and can be canceled at any time by consumers, free of charge.

To meet consumers’ expectations with excellence, Black Tucano works with PagStream®, PagBrasil’s exclusive subscription management solution.


Why Black Tucano chose PagStream® for subscription management

PagStream is a complete recurring payment platform for Brazil and offers benefits for both merchants and customers.

The solution, according to Stockl, enabled the company to add this new business model to their ecommerce. “We implemented the subscription model about 8 months ago, and what we found most interesting was the possibility of having a robust and complete system so that we could adopt it along with our subscription plans on the website,” he explains.

Understand the five main benefits Black Tucano has seen in PagStream and learn how the solution is helping the online store maximize their results.


1. Recurring payments beyond credit cards

Credit cards are the main payment method used for recurring payments in Brazil. “For our subscription plans, credit cards already suited us well,” says Stockl. However, with PagStream®, Black Tucano was able to reach a wider range of consumers and offer recurring payments with credit cards, debit cards, Boleto Flash®, PEC Flash®, and even Pix.


2. Easy integration with Shopify platform

PagStream® is one of the few recurring payment solutions available for Shopify in Brazil. And to top it off, the integration process is extremely simple: after completing the onboarding process at PagBrasil, all merchants must do is follow the instructions to install the app for Shopify.

“We were surprised by the practicality, swiftness of installation and usage, and by the possibility of free initial use,” says Stockl.


3. Flexible subscription recurrence configuration

Each subscriber has particular consuming habits. In the beverage segment, it is difficult to define a single model for different profiles. The ideal subscription plan will depend on factors such as how often buyers consume the product, interest in discovering new flavors, and, of course, the monthly plan’s value.

Therefore, the flexibility to create and test new plans is fundamental for the business, as it allows analyzing which models are more interesting for the consumer and adapting the offered plans that make sense to the subscriber.


4. Customizing billing messages

The personalization of billing messages is another important feature for a recurring payment platform, as it contributes to abandoned cart recovery. PagStream® allows digital businesses to automate payments and customize reminders and cancellation notifications – features that help increase customer retention rates.


5. Humanized service

Excellence in service is frequently underutilized by some companies, but it is essential in any commercial partnership model. From the first contact to the moment of integration, Black Tucano had the support of PagBrasil. “We had a few questions at first, but everything turned out fine,” says Stockl.

At PagBrasil, all merchants work with a dedicated account manager to assist in all stages of implementation and monitoring of results.


PagStream® for recurring payments

PagStream is PagBrasil’s subscription management solution.

PagStream® supports any monetization strategy and is perfectly adaptable for business models that work with recurring payments. With a quick and easy integration, digital businesses can offer recurring subscriptions with all of PagBrasil’s payment methods, including Débito Flash, Boleto Flash, and PagBrasil Pix. Learn more!