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How to Optimize Your Checkout for Online Payments in Brazil

Published on 12/10/2021 - Updated on 05/08/2023

Checkout abandonment is, unfortunately, common in e-commerce websites. Like window shoppers, who are just walking around a shopping mall without anything specific in mind they intend to buy, checkout and cart abandonment means the buyer was “just browsing.”


More than half of online shoppers who were just “having a look” may abandon the cart even before initiating the checkout flow. However, these folks sit on top of the sales funnel, and they may have no intention to buy anything in the first place, so we don’t want to focus on this group, at least for the purpose of this article. Instead, let’s think of the remaining folks, those who have initiated the checkout flow but gave up their purchase for some reason.

Why do buyers abandon the checkout?

infografic for checkout abandonment

Why you should bother

Getting customers to the checkout flow means you have invested in operations, development, marketing, sales and so on. It also means they represent part of the investment done in your business. In other words, when you lose these customers, you lose revenue.

Digital business owners should always focus on reducing their checkout and cart abandonment rates. Unlike the “just browsing” segment, a lot of the issues on why customers are abandoning payment once they have started the checkout flow can be resolved. If you are a merchant struggling with checkout or cart abandonment, we’ve wrapped up seven best practices to improve your checkout page.


  1. Checkout  page should be mobile-friendly

If your website isn’t designed to be mobile-friendly, this is something you should prioritize before any topic in this list. More than 50% of online shopping is done through a mobile device. Online stores that aren’t optimized for mobile are more likely to lose sales.


  1. Stick to the basic

24% of online buyers won’t think twice to leave a checkout page if there’s a long list of information to fill in. With that in mind, we recommend you to stick to the essential information you need to deliver your product or service to the final consumer and avoid asking for unnecessary details.


  1. Provide a variety of payment methods 

It’s always best to provide as many payment options as possible on your checkout. For instance, there are popular payment methods in the Brazilian market that only exist in Brazil, such as boleto bancário and Pix.

When a merchant doesn’t offer traditional payment methods, they may be losing sales. Some buyers, including Brazilians, will only buy certain things if they find their preferred payment method available.

PagBrasil offers international merchants who wish to penetrate the Brazilian market with unique and innovative payment solutions.


  1. Offer guest checkout

PagBrasil developed hassle-free tools that will help your consumer have the best experience possible. Offering a guest checkout for one-time buyers is a great solution not to discourage those who don’t want to register for a service.


  1. Make your customer feel safe

It’s crucial to show your shopper they can trust you and feel safe sharing their personal information. Displaying safety seals and badges is a way to make them feel confident when purchasing in your online store.

Also, transparent checkout, also known as direct checkout, cuts the middleman, allowing the customer to stay on the merchant’s website without the need to be redirected to another URL.


  1. Local language

In Brazil, only 5% of the population speaks English, so having a website displayed in the local language is essential to maximize your conversions.


  1. Local currency

The same goes for currency. Brazilians enjoy purchasing luxury and international brands but when it comes to paying, they prefer to pay in the local currency, Brazilian Real. Apart from paying more for purchases in foreign currency due to the conversion, taxes to purchase goods on international websites are quite high.

PagBrasil offers solutions to keep your checkout safe, transparent, offering local payment methods and local currency and language for consumers in Brazil. Please get in touch with our sales team if you wish to know more!