Ensure Your Transaction Reporting is Accurate, Consistent and Up-to-Date


What is Payment Reconciliation?


It is important for any e-commerce business to have control over expenses and income. Payment reconciliation provides full transaction-based reporting for payment processing. It includes information per order number on payment, refund or chargeback transactions processed. It should also inform about the amounts deposited into the merchant’s accounts, as well as about pending payouts.

PagBrasil’s Payment Reconciliation Service


PagBrasil offers payment reconciliation for all its clients, regardless of the service model. Merchants using the full-service model with collection, where we are responsible for both the payment processing and the collection of the funds, enjoy the full package, with the reconciliation service being provided by default. For merchants using our gateway service, reconciliation is optional. In the case of the hybrid model, reconciliation is provided by default for the payment methods processed with collection, and is optional for the gateway part. The reconciliation reports can be imported into accounting systems matching the merchants’ transaction numbers.



Procedures Included in the Reconciliation


PagBrasil’s payment reconciliation service includes the following procedures:

  • Matching acquirers’ sales report: The reports are obtained directly from acquirers’ web portals, containing detailed data of the transactions processed by PagBrasil for each day.

  • Processing acquirers’ reports: PagBrasil will process reports made available by the acquirers and convert them into CSV format prior to making them available to the merchant.

  • Payment status: Based on the reports obtained from the acquirers, each order in our database is marked as “processed by acquirer” and/or “paid by acquirer.” This allows us to identify any submitted transactions that have not been processed (and therefore not listed) or not yet been paid by the acquirers.

  • Verification of negative amounts: We verify any negative amounts reported by the acquirers to identify chargebacks and processed refunds.


What Data Can the Merchant View?


After the reconciliation procedures are completed, merchants can view different data in the Settlement Reports tab of our web panel:

  1. Amounts that were paid out by the acquirers. This data is provided in CSV reports with the corresponding transactions for each payment. Such a format offers the advantage of portability, meaning that it can be opened and imported into various applications. In addition, as it is a plain text file, it also takes up less disk space.

  3. Amounts that will be paid by the acquirer within the next two days. As with the amounts paid, this data is also made available as CSV reports, which include the corresponding transactions for each payout.

  5. Complete list of transactions submitted by PagBrasil that have not yet been included by the acquirers in their sales reports.

  7. Full list of transactions submitted by PagBrasil that have not been paid out yet.

  9. Any amount pending to be paid out by the acquirers.


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