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Pix for Shopify | Pix para Shopify
Pix for Shopify | Pix para Shopify

Pix for Shopify: PagBrasil is the first to offer the new payment method

Published on 02/11/2021 - Updated on 02/12/2021

With nearly three months of operation, Pix is already a success in Brazil! The Central Bank of Brazil’s instant payment method is now one of Brazilians’ favorite ways to transfer money, accounting for 78% of banking transfers in the country.

And now, PagBrasil is the first payment processor to offer Pix for Shopify in its direct checkout!

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Benefits of PagBrasil Pix for Shopify

With PagBrasil Pix, your Shopify store can rely on a solution designed to provide the best payment experience for your client. And, thanks to the immediate payment confirmation, your store can quickly release the product for delivery or make the service available to the customer. Check out the benefits!

Plug and play solution

Integrating your store with PagBrasil Pix is extremely simple: the solution is already available for Shopify merchants that integrate with PagBrasil. All that you need to do is request the activation from your account manager!

If your online store still do not use PagBrasil’s services, get in touch with our team!

Payment flow designed for the best experience

We understand an excellent payment experience makes a huge difference to your business’s results. This is why PagBrasil was designed to guarantee an increase in your store’s conversion rates through a simple and fluid payment flow, avoiding customers facing any complications when completing the payment.

After choosing PagBrasil Pix at the checkout, customers can scan the QR code shown on the screen with their smartphones or, in case of mobile purchases, select Pix Copia e Cola and paste the code into their bank or digital wallet app. Easy and intuitive for both desktop and mobile devices!

Understand the payment flow with PagBrasil Pix on this page.

Reliable payment method

PagBrasil Pix was developed to provide maximum stability and guarantee your business does not lose any sales. Your clients complete the payment quickly and easily, without facing hassles that stop them from completing a purchase.

PagBrasil Pix is also available via API. The solution will soon be expanded to other partner platforms.


PagBrasil’s Shopify App

PagBrasil’s Shopify app offers a number of benefits for your store. Work with a direct checkout and exclusive features that ease the purchase process. Learn more!

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