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Pix Payment Link
Pix Payment Link

PagBrasil launches new solutions with Pix: recurring payments and payment link

Published on 05/25/2021 - Updated on 04/19/2023

A success among Brazilians, Pix, the Central Bank of Brazil’s instant payment method, has already reached 25% of online stores in the first six months of operation, according to a study carried out by Gmattos. Pix’s participation in ecommerce increases every month, indicating that the modality has everything needed to transform the payments market on digital platforms.

PagBrasil, focused on technological innovation, understands the importance of Pix in the Brazilian financial ecosystem, and works with solutions designed to optimize this payment method. Besides being the first payment processor to offer Pix to merchants that work with the Shopify ecommerce platform and also offer the integration via API, PagBrasil expands the availability of its solution, PagBrasil Pix, for recurring payments and payment link.


PagBrasil is the first PSP to offer recurring payments with Pix

Merchants providing subscriptions can offer Pix as a recurring payment method to their customers. With the new solution available to online stores that process payments with PagBrasil, it is now possible to send a payment link that includes PagBrasil Pix among the listed payment options. With the payment link, merchants can automatically send a recurring billing for orders previously made using PagStream®, the fintech’s exclusive subscription management solution. The new feature meets the demand of the subscription market, which transacts more than BRL 1 billion annually in Brazil.


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How do recurring payments with Pix work?

Suppose a news portal subscriber wishes to pay for their monthly subscription with Pix. To do so, all the website must do is send a payment link to the customer’s email and the payment will be automatically generated as recurring billing via PagStream®.

Every month, the consumer will receive a payment link via their email and will be able to make an instant payment, immediately renewing their access. With PagStream®, merchants can create customizable rules for automatic subscription creation, defining the recurring payment’s frequency, trial period, and promotional renewal pricing, among many other features specially designed for the subscription market.


Payment link with Pix

Besides recurring billings, PagBrasil Pix was also launched for payment link, allowing merchants to widen their sales channels and take orders through social media and WhatsApp.

To do so, merchants can generate a payment link through PagBrasil’s dashboard or via API, and send the URL to the customer. The merchant can also create a personalized email and automatically send the customer a message every time a payment link is generated. By clicking on the link, the customer is directed to a secure payment page and can select Pix to complete the purchase.

After choosing this payment option, the payment process is identical to the one that happens at the online store: all customers need to do is access their banking app or digital wallet, scan the QR code shown on the screen or copy and paste the Pix code. That’s all! The payment is confirmed within seconds and the merchant can quickly deliver the product or make the service available.


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In addition to PagBrasil Pix, the consumer can also choose to pay with a one-off credit card payment, installment credit card payments, debit card, or even the exclusive Boleto Flash® or PEC Flash®.


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