State of the Art Fraud Prevention Designed for Brazil

PagShield Fraud Prevention

Credit Card Fraud in Brazil


Brazil is one of the top 10 countries in the world with the highest credit card fraud rates. However, fraud levels depend strongly on the business segment a merchant is active in. The most common types of card fraud are Identity Theft and Friendly Fraud. Identity Theft is a situation wherein someone’s personal information is stolen to gain access to bank or credit card accounts or to open new accounts. Friendly Fraud is committed by cardholders that order a product or service in their own name and later claim for a chargeback by providing false information. Another kind of Friendly Fraud is when a person close to the cardholder makes a purchase without his consent. Brazil has one of the strongest consumer defense legislation of the world. Consequently, banks are required to accept chargebacks filed by consumers and immediately return the amount paid. This same legislation also significantly reduces the chances for merchants to successfully file a dispute on unjustified chargebacks. In addition, 3D-Secure is so far practically unavailable for online purchases in Brazil. Under this scenario, a powerful online fraud prevention solution is a must.


PagShield, Intelligent Domestic Online Fraud Prevention


PagShield is PagBrasil’s intelligent and state-of-the-art online fraud prevention solution for merchants processing payments with PagBrasil. The anti-fraud solution is specifically designed for Brazil, taking into account market particularities, which are often not considered by multinational anti-fraud service providers. Our solution is based on a unique technology with intelligent self-learning buying behavior analyses, which fights fraud in real-time at a low cost. Merchants can identify fraudulent transactions automatically, thereby saving time on manual reviews and reducing false positives.


Key Features of PagShield Fraud Prevention


Domestic Brazilian solutionPagShield has been designed for the Brazilian market with features optimized for local particularities, such as checking the address provided against the IP geo-location.
State of the art buying behavior technologyWe analyze how customers browse through your pages by utilizing mechanisms such as device fingerprint, IP geo-location, social graph, proxy detection and velocity checks. Our algorithm automatically adapts itself to each e-commerce business.
Self-learning algorithmPagShield’s machine learning technology adapts itself to browsing patterns. This allows it to automatically identify any atypical behavior on your website. Constant and time-consuming management of fraud-rules becomes practically dispensable.
Easy configurationPagShield can easily be setup with just a few configurations. Simple fraud rules allow the system to be customized to each merchant’s individual needs.
Quick and ultra-easy integrationPagBrasil’s clients can start using PagShield by just adding a few parameters to their existing API or iFrame integration and a JavaScript snippet to their webpages.
Real-time and highly efficientAll transactions are analyzed and given a score in real-time. Suspicious orders are identified, while our technology avoids false positives to a minimum. As a result, you will get higher approval rates than traditional anti-fraud systems.
CompatiblePagShield can be combined with your existing anti-fraud solution providing additional fraud scoring information.
Cost effectivePagBrasil customers benefit from a highly efficient anti-fraud solution for a fair cost per transaction charge. Setup and configuration is free. No contractual obligations in terms of duration or volume.


PagBrasil’s online fraud prevention solution will notably drop your chargeback rates. It provides the best efficiency and return on investment for small as well as for large merchants.


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