Mobile in Brazil: Usage Stats and User Profile

Mobile devices are the primary source of internet connection for 60% of Brazilian internet users. Smartphones are the most used devices among the country’s adult population (ages 18-55), with 92% owning or having access to them. Considering this scenario, let’s explore the profile of mobile users in Brazil, as well as mobile devices usage stats.



Mobile in Brazil: User Profile


Although there are more women in Brazil than men (51% against 49%), data by eMarketer shows that smartphone ownership is greater among men. While 57% of all adult women own a smartphone, the total among the male population is 63%. Gen Z and Millennials (ages 18-34) take the lead, with 85% owning a smartphone, followed by 63% of adults aged 35-49 and 32% aged 50 and above. Furthermore, 63% of users own pre-paid mobile phones.


Mobile in Brazil: Usage Stats


A recent study by We Are Social and Hootsuite noted that Brazilians spend 4h 45 min each day on the internet on their mobile devices. This represents more than 50% of all the time they spend online every day, and places Brazil as the third country in mobile internet usage in the world, behind Thailand and the Philippines.


Brazilians are constantly checking their phones. In fact, eMarketer states that 24% of users affirm doing so practically all the time, and 42% several times per hour. While 50% of smartphone users check their devices as soon as they wake up, 63% always check their smartphones before going to bed. Younger users, aged 16-24, are the ones more attached to their devices, with 62% grabbing their phones first thing in the morning and 77% checking them before bedtime.


Messaging apps are the most used type of app among mobile device owners. According to We Are Social and Hootsuite, 91% of users access messaging apps each month, 92% watch videos, 65% play games, 61% use mobile banking and 77% use map services.


When it comes to messaging apps, this is how often people use each app, as per eMarketer data:


APPAt least once every hourAt least once a dayWith less frequency/don’t know
Facebook Messenger38%25%37%


It is also worth highlighting that 53% of WhatsApp users in Brazil would like to be able to make payments within the app and their preferred payment options would be virtual bank account (44%), traditional bank account (37%) and credit card (19%).



Mobile in Brazil: M-Commerce


Thanks to the wide usage of smartphones, m-commerce is growing in Brazil and already represents more than one-third of all e-commerce transaction. Consumers who buy online using their mobile devices highlight the following features as important for an m-commerce app or website:


In-store pick up47%
Free navigation/download45%
Personalized recommendations41%
Online customer service/chat40%
Integration with banking apps to facilitate payment39%
Simplified 1-click payment35%
Capture credit card data via mobile phone camera16%

Source: eMarketer


When it comes to their m-commerce experience, 88% of Brazilian m-commerce consumers are satisfied or very satisfied.



Regarding how they prefer to pay for their m-commerce purchases, nearly 30% said they would like to have the option to pay with boleto bancário.

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