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PagBrasil’s cutting-edge WooCommerce plugin for payments in Brazil

Published on 10/19/2021 - Updated on 04/19/2023

PagBrasil has just launched its revamped WooCommerce plugin for payments in Brazil. It now provides exclusive features that take customer experience to the next level. The new version offers the widest range of local payment methods, including local credit cards, Pix – Brazil’s instant payment method – and exclusive payment solutions such as PagBrasil’s Débito Flash™, Boleto Flash®, and PEC Flash®.

Discover more about Brazilian local payment methods

Now, merchants can provide an incredibly swift and seamless experience to their buyers in Brazil, allowing them to complete a purchase with their favorite payment method, eliminating any unnecessary complexities at the checkout.


Benefits of PagBrasil’s revamped WooCommerce plugin

With the new WooCommerce solution, digital businesses benefit from the highest conversion rates. Understand why!

Increase your consumer base with local payment methods

PagBrasil’s new WooCommerce plugin is equipped with the most popular local payment methods. With that, your digital business will reach a larger consumer base, enabling access to those who do not own a credit card or prefer to pay online with alternative payment methods.

With the new checkout, customers can pay in installments with local credit cards or with PagBrasil’s exclusive payment methods, such as Débito Flash™, for secure debit card payments, PagBrasil Pix, Boleto Flash®, or PEC Flash®.

Designed for the best payment experience

The new WooCommerce extension is designed for the most fluid payment experience. Customers will complete payments within a direct one-page checkout, without redirects to external pages or other complexities.

PagBrasil’s WooCommerce plugin even offers 1-click payments, which allows customers to securely save their credit card details, enabling a quick and frictionless payment experience for returning shoppers.

Increase customer retention rates with PagStream®

With the new extension, your store can easily enable recurring payments and maximize customer retention rates. The WooCommerce plugin fully supports PagStream®, PagBrasil’s subscription management solution.


Get started

PagBrasil’s WooCommerce plugin has been around since 2014 – however, a lot has changed since then. The Brazilian e-commerce market has grown at astonishing rates, with an estimated BRL 87 billion revenue in 2020, according to a Webshoppers report. To top it off, new payment methods were added to the Brazilian e-commerce scenario, such as Pix and Débito Flash™.

To keep up with such remarkable changes, successful digital businesses need to offer the best possible payment solution. Reach out to our Sales Team and enable PagBrasil’s WooCommerce plugin for your online store!