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What to Expect from Money20/20 Las Vegas 2022

Published on 10/18/2022 - Updated on 04/20/2023

What’s in store at Money20/20 in the American edition? This year, the event’s agenda will focus on stories told through four different lenses – vulnerability, defense and offense, chain reactions, and experiences. But how do these topics relate to the fintech industry?

Let’s find out. 

“Money20/20 – where fintech comes together to focus on what’s possible.” Money 20/20 is much more than a business event for networking or business card swapping. As put in their own words, it has broken the “stereotypes anchored in snoozefest business conferences and designed an unparalleled experience built for the industry, by the industry.”

It comes as no surprise that the next edition will approach sensible topics. Let’s have a look at them.



 Vulnerability can be a synonym for weakness but is at the heart of every innovative project. “It’s only when we are open to new ideas and change that we can improve and re-create the systems that we live in,” says the US Content Director Zach Anderson Pettet. 

The world is vulnerable right now for many reasons, including macro issues such as inflation, war, and a bear market. Speakers will approach models like open finance and embedded services that will change how money moves and who moves it. In addition, they’ll talk about safe data and cyber security on all levels.

Offense & Defense

What’s the best move in crises – offense or defense? What is the most appropriate strategy at the best of times, especially in an uncertain scenario? Among many topics during this Money20/20 edition, they’ll touch on fraud, regulation, policy, product development, and better UX.


Chain Reaction

For every action, there’s a reaction. How will the market react to new global tech and financial trends, such as payment networks, crypto, and embedded finance? This year’s edition explores the consequences, intended or unintended, of these chain reactions — and hints at what can happen next.



We are entering an era where our physical and digital experiences are increasingly merged. Web3 is being built and the nature of its future is at stake.

Money20/20’s US edition will touch on the metaverse, what NFTs and tokenization really mean, and how we need to think about identity and privacy.

Join the biggest fintech conversation in the industry!

Considered the most important event in the financial realm, Money20/20 is well known for gathering tech giants and fintech titans from Google, to Citi to Shopify and Amazon. 

This year, it’s expected there will be 8,000+ attendees from 2,800+ companies from all over the world. Among the spectators and businesses, 24% are C-level founders, and 45% are senior managers – in other words, these are the decision-makers who call the shots. 

You still have time if you’re considering being part of the largest and most important fintech gathering globally. 

In case you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, we’ve got a $250 discount voucher for you here. 

We can’t wait to meet you at Money20/20 USA and discuss the vast Brazilian market’s possibilities. Book a meeting with our team to discuss opportunities in the Brazilian market.


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