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Reclame AQUI: What is It and How Does It Affect Your Business?

Published on 01/18/2018

A good reputation is essential for every business. When it comes to the e-commerce environment, this becomes even more important. In many cases, online businesses do not have a physical presence in certain countries where they operate. Therefore, consumers can only rely on information they find online to make up their minds about purchasing from these e-commerce stores. In this scenario, platforms like Reclame AQUI come into place.


Digital consumers have several channels at their disposal to judge a business integrity based on previous customers’ experience. For instance, they can check social media pages or google the store. However, we are all too familiar with the lack of seriousness of some online users and it can be difficult to assess whether something posted online is true. Because of that, independent platforms where consumers can post reviews, complaints and praises about businesses have become extremely popular. Furthermore, such platforms also offer businesses a space to reply to their consumers. International merchants might be more familiar with Trustpilot. Reclame AQUI is essentially the same thing, but a lot more popular and consolidated in the Brazilian market.



What is Reclame AQUI?


On its website, Reclame AQUI defines itself as a communication channel between consumers and companies. It is considered the official channel of the Brazilian consumer on the internet, with over 600,000 people carrying out daily searches about businesses prior to purchasing something or hiring a service.


If a consumer wants to reach out to a company that does not have an account registered with Reclame AQUI, they can do so. In this case, they will have to register the company on the website with some basic information they have about the business. Reclame AQUI will then create a company profile for said business and whenever a new complaint or inquiry is posted, the business will be notified. Sometimes, however, consumers might not add the correct e-mail address and businesses might be missing all the notifications sent to them.


In order to avoid having unanswered complaints, comments or inquiries, it is recommended that businesses create an account with Reclame AQUI prior to selling to Brazil. However, if turns out someone has already registered your company on the platform, you can always recover ownership of your company profile.



How to Register on Reclame AQUI or Claim Your Account?


The registration process is very straightforward. The same steps used to create your business account can be used to claim your account ownership as well. To do so, businesses must email Reclame AQUI at, providing the following information:


  • Business Name

  • Trading Name

  • Business Email

  • Secondary Business Email

  • Business Website

  • Address

  • Postal code

  • City

  • Country

  • Business Contact

  • Business Contact Email Address


Once Reclame AQUI receives the information it will be analysed. Provided that the company complies with their registration policy, businesses will receive their login details within 48 hours. Please note that the communication with Reclame AQUI team must be carried out in Portuguese. If you need any sort of template, contact us and we will be happy to assist.


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