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ISV Partner | PagBrasil | Salesforce Commerce Cloud
ISV Partner | PagBrasil | Salesforce Commerce Cloud

PagBrasil is recognized as a Salesforce ISV Partner

Published on 11/11/2022 - Updated on 12/19/2022

PagBrasil is the first payment processor in Latin America to have a payment app for Commerce Cloud available in the Salesforce AppExchange! ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partners provide solutions to merchants that use Salesforce’s customizable e-commerce platform.

Through the ISV partnership, PagBrasil can provide the best experience to merchants selling to Brazil for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment and, consequently, for the consumer.

Learn more about the benefits of the PagBrasil app for businesses using Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

Benefits of the PagBrasil app available on the Salesforce AppExchange

Digital businesses benefit from more safety and security when using an ISV-certified solution, like the PagBrasil app for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Being an ISV-certified partner means that the PagBrasil app has undergone a rigorous security review process, conducted by Salesforce professionals and specialized third-party companies.

In addition to the official payment app, online stores in Brazil have a wide range of exclusive PagBrasil features and services at their disposal.


“With the ISV, PagBrasil becomes the first choice of Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants, including those who are starting their operations in the digital environment, but who already have a good reputation and are recognized in their market segments”, explains Ralf Germer, CEO of PagBrasil.


Check below the main benefits of the PagBrasil app, available on the Salesforce AppExchange:

A wide set of local payment methods

One of the greatest benefits of the PagBrasil app for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the wide set of local payment methods.

Regardless of the type of activity your company carries out, and the type of product or service it offers, with PagBrasil it is possible to offer several local payment methods for Brazil, such as Pix, Boleto Flash®, local credit cards with installments, local debit cards, and more.

Watch your payment conversion rates in Brazil increase by offering Pix, Brazil’s instant payment method.  According to the CX Trends 2022 report, carried out earlier this year by the companies Octadesk and Opinion Box, Pix continues to gain a share in Brazilian e-commerce, and already represents 13% of consumers’ preference for online purchases, second only to the credit cards (62%).

And, according to data from the GMattos consultancy, from July of this year, the method is already accepted in 76.3% of electronic commerce, with the potential to reach 92% in the coming years!

This data reflects the importance that Pix has represented in Brazilian e-commerce. With PagBrasil, you can add Pix to your checkout in a simple way, through PagBrasil Pix. One of the great advantages of the PagBrasil solution is that it has multiple integrations with banks, maintaining high availability and preventing instabilities.

PagBrasil Pix is also enabled with a campaign optimization pixel in ads to reach the ideal audience, identified by conversion using the method, and even offers an optimized experience with real-time payment confirmation within the online store environment. These particularities allow for a conversion rate above the national average!

In addition to Pix, customers can also choose other alternative methods, such as credit cards with installments, and even pass on the interest charged in installments to consumers. Consumers can also pay with PagBrasil’s exclusive Boleto Flash® – the fully responsive boleto bancário that confirms payment in just a few minutes – or in cash, using the exclusive PEC Flash®.

Digital businesses can also benefit from PagBrasil’s payment link and easily send their customers a link with all the supported payment methods above.

Address autocomplete

To make it easier to fill in the information at checkout, this allows that address information such as street, neighborhood, city, and state or province to be automatically inserted after providing the ZIP code. This reduces the customer’s steps at the checkout, increasing the merchant’s conversion rates.

CPF/CNPJ verification

Validating the CPF/CNPJ – the individual or company taxpayer number, respectively – can be essential to ensure the security of a purchase. The verification indicates whether the number entered in the field is correct, preventing errors in the consumer’s registration.

Exclusive solutions and technologies

More than a payment provider, PagBrasil is a technology company that develops robust and exclusive solutions, such as:

Intelligent subscription management: PagStream® is PagBrasil’s intelligent subscription management solution. Merchants can create subscription clubs without requiring any sort of coding.

The platform automates all recurring payment processes, through business rules that can be set up by the e-commerce manager, and integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud through the PagBrasil app.

And in the exclusive Subscriber Portal, hosted by PagBrasil, the end customer has the autonomy to customize their own subscription, at any time, without having to contact the merchant’s service.

Robust anti-fraud solution: PagShield® is an intelligent, state-of-the-art anti-fraud tool, specifically developed for the particularities of the Brazilian market. The unique solution allows merchants to automatically identify fraudulent transactions with a high degree of accuracy.

Split payout: the integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud also offers the possibility of split payout, enabling merchants to easily make payments to suppliers or service providers and control the payment flow from end to end.

Personalized service

Last but not least, one of the apps’ great benefits is the dedicated support and personalized service, in the local language. PagBrasil’s Customer Success area is responsible for acting proactively with merchants to help them achieve their business goals and anticipate their questions and challenges.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, only official and certified Salesforce partners are on the AppExchange. And for this achievement, PagBrasil underwent a rigorous evaluation by specialized professionals, inside and outside Brazil, proving that we are the best partner for your Commerce Cloud store!

Get in touch and learn more about our solution!


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