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PagBrasil Adds Features to Its Shopify Plugin

Published on 07/27/2017 - Updated on 10/12/2017

Shopify is without a doubt one of the main e-commerce platforms in the world. Merchants of all sizes have Shopify powered online stores and rely on the popular platform to have a successful online business. Likewise, it is no secret that Brazil is by far the biggest e-commerce market in Latin America and a great opportunity for online merchants. With 140 million internet users, the country is the 4th largest internet market globally. In addition, it is the 5th nation in the world for smartphone usage. Despite facing an adverse economic and political situation, Brazil has had consistent online sales growth in the past few years.


As part of PagBrasil’s goal of contributing to the development of the country’s e-commerce by providing easy access to all major Brazilian payments methods, the company launched its Shopify plugin in late 2015. Since the launch and thanks to constant feedback from merchants using the Shopify extension, PagBrasil’s development team has introduced a series of improvements to the plugin.



Improvements of PagBrasil’s Shopify Extension


Out of the e-commerce plugins provided by PagBrasil, the Shopify extension offers the most complete set of local payment methods: domestic credit cards, local debit cards, Boleto Flash®, the company’s exclusive improved boleto bancário with payment confirmation in less than 2 hours on business days, and online banking transfer from Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Itaú and Banrisul.


Because PagBrasil identified that accelerated payment confirmation is key to driving further conversions for boleto bancário, its Boleto Flash® is available by default at the plugin. This way, merchants do not need to carry out any other technical integration to enjoy the benefits of the quick payment confirmation provided with Boleto Flash®.


In addition, PagBrasil has recently made it possible for merchants using its Shopify extension to receive payments made with local debit cards and Itaú Shopline, the online banking transfer payment method of one of Brazil’s biggest banks, Itaú. It is worth noting that both debit cards and online banking transfer are secure payment methods, with no chargeback risk, which makes them, along with boleto bancário, great options for merchants who struggle with credit card fraud.


Another noteworthy new characteristic of PagBrasil’s Shopify plugin is the customization of the payment page to improve the online store’s look and feel. The plugin is hosted at PagBrasil’s secure servers and the payment flow is the following: the buyer chooses to pay via PagBrasil at the store’s checkout and is redirected to an URL with PagBrasil’s payment page. On this page, the consumer is given the option of selecting the preferred payment method. Once the payment is completed, the buyer is sent back to the online store’s website.


In order to carry this redirection out in the most seamless way possible, PagBrasil’s payment page can be personalized to match the online store’s color. In addition, it is possible to change the text font and include the e-commerce business logo on the page. It is important to highlight that, despite the redirection, the payment processing is transparent. In other words, PagBrasil won’t filter any transaction or run them through antifraud service in the background without merchants’ requests.


For more details on the services and payment methods available with PagBrasil’s Shopify extension, visit the plugin’s website.

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