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PagBrasil Extends Options for Boleto Flash®

Published on 07/12/2018 - Updated on 05/05/2023

We are thrilled to announce that our unique Boleto Flash® is now also available for payments at Bradesco, one of the leading retail banks in Brazil, with same day payment confirmation. The exclusive payment method was introduced by PagBrasil in 2016 and has been continuously enhanced since then. Boleto Flash® solves two of the main problems with traditional boletos: delayed payment confirmations and a static layout. Up until now, the accelerated payment confirmation – less than 2 hours on business days – was available for payments at Banco do Brasil, Itaú, Caixa and lottery agencies.

Alex Hoffmann, PagBrasil’s co-founder, comments: “Bradesco is the second biggest private bank in our country, and we are excited to have expanded our lineup of primary partner banks for Boleto Flash®. With the new addition, the exclusive advantages of Boleto Flash® are now available to every Brazilian consumer. When combined these four major banks enable more than 90% of all account holders in the country to enjoy same day confirmation for payments via mobile banking app, online banking or ATM. Moreover, anyone can pay a Boleto Flash® with same day confirmation at 16,000 bank branches, which is 74% of all branches all over Brazil. Adding the network of 15,000 lottery agencies around the country, Boleto Flash® can now be considered ubiquitous in Brazil.”

When purchasing from an e-commerce store that offers Boleto Flash® at the checkout, consumers can choose where they want to pay their boleto.



By choosing and paying at one of the supported options, buyers will benefit from quick payment confirmation and therefore faster access to their purchases, which is particularly important for digital goods. Merchants, on the other hand, enjoy better payment conversion rates and an overall increase in gross revenue of up to 20%.

“We are constantly working to provide the best online payment solutions for the Brazilian e-commerce.” says Ralf Germer, PagBrasil’s CEO and co-founder, and adds: “The payment confirmation in less than two hours is a revolution in the market and it is exclusive to our Boleto Flash®. Businesses offering this convenience to their consumers are not only significantly improving the buying experience but also increasing their conversion rates, and ultimately, enjoying greater success in the Brazilian market.”

For more information about Boleto Flash® and how to make it available on your e-commerce website, contact us.

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