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Advantages of credit card pre-authorization

Published on 03/10/2014 - Updated on 07/17/2019

PagBrasil supports credit card pre-authorization and partial capture for domestic and international credit cards. The pre-authorization (pre-auth) option allows online merchants to first reserve an amount on the payee’s credit card and then capturing it later. This gives the seller time to perform additional anti-fraud or product availability checks. Should the merchant be satisfied with the transaction, he finalizes it by capturing it via PagBrasil’s API. If he decides not to fulfill the order, he simply does not capture it and the amount becomes available once again after 4 days to the cardholder. Ralf Germer, co-founder of PagBrasil, says: “Pre-auth provides an important competitive advantage for many of our clients, as it helps to reduce fraud levels and avoids costly chargebacks and refunds”.