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10 years of PagBrasil: integrating Brazil with the world

Published on 10/29/2020 - Updated on 05/08/2023

A decade is a significant milestone. Ten years ago, technology – and consequently, the whole world – was completely different. Conveniences that are now part of our daily lives weren’t that accessible – and some didn’t even exist.

Ten years ago, the projects and dreams of two entrepreneurs, one German and one Brazilian, got off the ground. Ralf Germer and Alex Hoffmann created a service dedicated to connecting the world with Brazil, allowing Brazilians to access products and services from companies around the globe. Thus, PagBrasil was born with the wish to transform, disrupt, and make people’s lives better.

Throughout this decade, we realized that our core business goes beyond connecting consumers with companies inside and outside Brazil. Integration is in our essence. We integrate online stores with payments; we integrate the international market with Brazil and cross-border merchants with consumers in Brazil; we integrate 45 million unbanked with ecommerce; and, more importantly: we integrate people, whether they are consumers, entrepreneurs who want to bring a better experience to their customers, or people willing to build a different future and who are part of the daily life at PagBrasil.


Remember our story

PagBrasil was born in 2010 and processed its first payment the following year. Although initially focused on the cross-border segment, the first customer to start processing payments was a merchant in Brazil.

Since then, thanks to the constant dialog with our customers, we have facilitated the development of innovative solutions. In 2015, we launched Boleto Flash® – today, the only boleto on the market with confirmation in less than an hour. Later, in 2019, we developed PEC Flash®, a cash payment solution designed for e-commerce. And, in 2020, we launched PagStream®, a subscription management service that allows recurring payments with any payment method.

We are proud of every step of our trajectory, and we remain dedicated to making a difference in the lives of all Brazilians.

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