PagBrasil Supports your Successful Market Entry into Brazil

Market Entry Support

Although PagBrasil’s core activity is payment processing, we support our foreign clients in specific areas to successfully enter the Brazilian e-commerce market. Our support mainly covers market entry consulting, product licensing, legal and taxation advice, staffing and office space services.


Market Entry Consulting


We help our clients to understand the particularities and opportunities of the Brazilian e-commerce market in the area of online payments and beyond. A profound understanding of the Brazilian culture, online business etiquette and other areas is often necessary. We help you to define the best approach and to get the maximum value out of your investment.


Product Licensing


Some products need domestic licenses before they can be sold into Brazil. We can help you to identify whether your products need to go through a local homologation process or not. If that’s the case, we will put you in contact with service providers specializing in obtaining the licenses needed.


Legal and Taxation Advisory


Operating in Brazil can be highly complex and you might need specialist advisors. We work with highly reputed local law firms and tax experts who will be happy to support you in defining the right legal and tax setup for your Brazilian venture.


Staffing and Office Space Services


Some businesses and payment methods require a local presence in Brazil. We can provide you with efficient solutions which will limit your exposure to legal and financial risks during market entry.




PagBrasil is a full-service provider and payment gateway with a complete set of multiple features and services with regard to online payments for Brazil. However, if you need to create a specific feature for your business, our development and consultancy service is available to develop new solutions on demand.

Other Areas


If your company has a specific need in any other area, please contact us to discuss how we can help you or provide recommendations about parties who can. It is our goal to help you to establish a successful Brazilian e-commerce business and to maximize sales.


Contact us to find out more about PagBrasil’s market entry support services.