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Shopify checkout | Checkout transparente Shopify
Shopify checkout | Checkout transparente Shopify

How to optimize your Shopify checkout for Brazil

Published on 08/27/2020

Every merchant working with Shopify can agree that a direct checkout is essential to increasing conversion rates – especially when selling to the Brazilian market.

The preference for a direct checkout is a particularity of the Brazilian consumer, who usually prioritizes the payment experience. In the past, checkouts that redirected the consumer to an external environment did not bring merchants a positive result, as conversion rates where significantly hared. Merchants themselves started requiring a solution from digital platforms for this problem.

Today, even in a thriving market as Brasil, where there are at least 105 million ecommerce users, eliminating redirects, reducing the checkout steps, and making the purchase process fluid and frictionless are imperative actions to avoid cart abandonment and increase sales.

After all, 67% of consumers consider the checkout process to be the most influential factor in the shopping experience, according to the Shopper Insights Survey 2019.


3 tips to optimize Shopify’s direct checkout

One of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms in the world, Shopify, supported by a number of apps developed by partners, allows you to customize features for better management and sales experience. Understand how your store can optimize the direct checkout!


1. Offer multiple payment methods

Most merchants only offer credit cards and boleto bancário in their online stores in Brazil. But are these two payment methods enough?

Although widely used, credit cards are not accessible to all Brazilians. The boleto bancário, seem to be a solution for consumers who do not have credit cards or do not wish to use their limits – right?

However, even the traditional boleto bancário has its limitations. In order to a consumer pay in cash for their purchase at the bank or lottery using the boleto, the document needs to be printed – which can limit consumers who do not have easy access to printers. Furthermore, it is not a responsive payment method, which harms the consumer’s experience when purchasing on a mobile environment.

Offering beyond these two payment methods is very important to increase your ecommerce conversion rates. This includes debit cards, online banking transfer, and alternatives that allow cash payment for online purchases, such as the exclusive PEC Flash® – in addition to Boleto Flash®, which provides a better mobile experience and confirms payments in less than 1h.

The wider the offer, the greater are the chances of converting!


2. Use postal code and address validation

Postal code and address validation help reduce the checkout steps, as the fields such as street, city, and state are automatically filled in once the customer provides the postal code. This allows consumers to quickly fill in forms and complete the purchase faster, enhancing the customer’s experience.


3. Validate CPF/CNPJ

Another important feature is the CPF – the Brazilian individual taxpayer’s registry identification – or CNPJ – company fiscal number – validation. Today, it is only possible to generate a registered boleto if the information provided is correct.

In addition, this functionality is also important for delivering products that come from outside Brazil and fraud prevention, since the anti-fraud tool can identify and deny a sale if the CPF / CNPJ is not correct.

Customizing your Shopify checkout and making it more agile and fluid is essential for increasing conversions. Partnering with a dedicated local payment processor for improving the customer experience is a key factor in boosting your sales!

Do you want to deliver the best experience possible for your consumers in Brazil? Download our ebook 10 Steps to Increasing your Sales in Brazil with Shopify for free!


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