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Comportamento do consumidor | Consumer behavior
Comportamento do consumidor | Consumer behavior

Consumer behavior and trends in Brazil

Published on 04/23/2020

It is no surprise that consumers behave differently around the world. The way buyers shop online will depend not only on how well-developed the ecommerce market is in the region but also on social and economic factors.

In Brazil, online shopping is rapidly becoming a habit. However, local consumers are often encouraged to shop online by features that are sometimes underappreciated in foreign markets. According to a study carried out by Think With Google, Brazilians value details, and pay close attention to product information and specifications. In addition, they also spend more time researching online before purchasing a product.


What Brazilians value most

According to the study, free shipping, discounts and promotions, and lower prices are the top three elements that most influence in Brazilian consumer behavior when shopping online.

Further, buyers have particular preferences when it comes to daily purchases and soft goods. Fast delivery service is much appreciated, as well as offering alternative payment methods and not requiring a credit card. When purchasing hard goods, warranty availability is also relevant.


The way they pay: why it matters

Despite being the main payment method in online shopping, access to credit cards is limited in Brazil. Add that to over 45 million unbanked adults in the country, and we now understand why the boleto bancário easily became the second most used payment method in Brazil, as shown by the Webshoppers report. Further, even those who do have access to credit cards often pay with the boleto bancário in order not to compromise their limit.

When compared to other markets, Brazilians value alternative payment methods the most, as shown by Think With Google. This is why cross-border businesses selling into the country should enable local payment, in order to access a larger number of eshoppers.

Borderless shopping

Brazilians greatly enjoy shopping from cross-border ecommerce stores. The reasons range from lower prices and reliability to simply guaranteeing that a product is in stock. This comes as no surprise, as Brazil has over 23 million cross-border buyers, according to eMarketer. China, the United States, and Japan are the top three countries with which Brazilians shop cross-border.

However, as mentioned earlier, payment flexibility is an element that has great influence in Brazilian consumer behavior. This is why offering alternative payment methods is crucial for businesses looking to succeed in Brazil. This is why PagBrasil offers a wide range of payment methods, including the exclusive Boleto Flash® and PEC Flash®. Want to learn more? Reach out to us!

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